Happy 2015!


Happy 2015!

From the Headmaster, Praetor and the rest of the Staff: We wish you a very happy 2015 and hope 2014 was as joyful as you had envisioned it to be!

(For once using the EU timezone)

Darn EU timezone.

Happy New Year to everyone~

He's from the future!

Happy Near Year :)

Fuck the EU! ;)

Love from your local UKIP member. ;)

Happy New Year in 15 minutes, folks. :)

But it's still 10:11?

Stupid Time difference

Well, a little late, as it's 12:15 here in the Pacific Northwest. But, Happy New Year all the same.

"Celebrating" all by my little myself, as my girlfriend went to a party and left me to babysit. Looking like it's going to be a good year already...

at least u didnt get dumped Jason :D or a purse stolen on the way back home :D xD my new years has started off awesome xD

Happy new year to all our readers! lol Seriously though, I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

Happy new year guys!! All the best!

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