Help the SA!


Help the SA!

Every Headmaster's report, Bubba signs off by asking you to help us if you spot errors in the Shadow Academy. The ever-so-incredible Ood has now made a Google Form to allow you to do that more easily. The SA represents tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of words written at different times by different people; there are bound to be errors no matter how hard we try to find and fix them before releasing a new course. With Ood's form, hopefully we can catch 'em all.

A pokemon reference? I slave away and make stuff more efficient so you can do a cliché pokemon reference?


Please use this form for what it is intended and woohoo for improving stuff!

Praise the Ood!

Next person trying to report the ENTIRE SA is outdated and a giant glitch upon the DJB is going to get ... I don't know what I'll do but it may be comedic and painless.


Also, I can't spell to save my lyfe. :D

yey, i dont have too keep pestering you all when i see issues.


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