Herald GFX Requests: There's a Form for That


Herald GFX Requests: There's a Form for That

Hello everyone! This is a quick Herald Office reminder of a couple of things that are very relevant right now. While I and the staff appreciate PMs and emails for various requests, we feel the need to remind everyone that we have specific request forms for various items that you may be wanting to have completed. There is also a new form that I have outlined below.

Warbanners, Lightsabers, and Avatar uploads are accessible via your Admin link on the website when you are logged in.

Admin Request Links

Other Requests: We have a new form that units should begin using for report header, logo, etc. requests. Staff can answer questions via email of course, but with the influx of new units (and even DC members) needing work, we need to begin tracking them for the same reasons as those above, so that we can make sure they are not only completed but that we know whom did what, when, etc.

If I have contacted you today then I am aware of your non-WB or LS request. If I haven't, then I need you to send your request through the forms. This isn't to say that the staff member you contacted isn't aware, but this is to make sure that nothing is lost and that I too know what we have going on (and remember).

While simple changes are usually simple, I must ask that you still use the request form for simple changes too. We track every single request and this helps us out, makes sure your request is completed, that we know what kind of queue we have and that our staff is assigned and receive credit for work that is done.

Thanks for your understanding, and as always please feel free to send questions to our friendly Herald egroup: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We are all on this list, so instead of hunting down a bunch of emails, this will get all of us at once. Thanks!

~Socks, Herald

I sent a warbanner request maybe a week and a half or two weeks ago but haven't heard anything and my old one is still on my profile. Should I resend a request or keep waiting?

I'm working on the warbanners as I write this. Expect an email within a few hours.

I see yours in the queue, you will receive an email when it is being worked on. :)

Oops, double reply there. :)

Thanks guys, I probably should have asked this in my first post but it just popped into my head now. Does the new request form cover personal avatar images or is it more for unit/house/clan graphics?

not to interrupt the q&a but <3 to the Herald staff, you guys are awesome!

What Mako said. Love me my Herald staff.

/me fills out twenty forms :P

The Admin page has a link for the avatar images. The new form is for unit/position graphics. :)

Unless I interpret the form wrong, the avatar form looks like it's just for uploading an image. If so, how do we go about requesting one from the talented folks in the Herald office?

That form will be released in a day or two.

You'll find both forms on your admin page Soon™ :P

Misleading images are misleading. The top bar says "A'lora Kituri"

Silly Socks.

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