Herald News: This is How We Roll


Herald News: This is How We Roll

This is a mini report announcing a few Herald things. The regular Herald report will post next week.

Second Sons

Everyone that applied for Praetor also "applied" for the Second Sons mercenary/freelance artist guild and I am thankful for that; it shows that our members are still willing to help out even without a position or official title. After seeing the portfolios come across my email I can say with certainty that we indeed have more than just a few talented members in our community. The Herald staff will be reaching out to everyone in the very near future to start up discussions and perhaps assign some projects.

The Hands of the Herald

I received a good number of Praetor apps and I chose not one, but two from the current Herald staff. V'yr and Mirus have been phenomenal assets to the staff and come with two completely different skillsets. This office is constantly moving with requests regularly coming in from all different angles, and it needs help on a full time basis to make sure these projects and tasks are completed in a decent timeframe.


A couple reports back I showed a list of all of the projects and tasks that each of us work on, and even that is way out of date. It is constantly changing, and I am very lucky to have such a flexible staff, and now a large pool of "mercs" to start dialogue with and pull from when we need general or specific help. However, I do need to hire a couple Magistrates to help out on a more permanent but part time basis likely doing warbanners just to start out so that we can keep on top of the requests while other big assignments are being fulfilled. The work itself isn't permanent, as everyone here evolves and eventually take on other tasks.

If you don't mind this mentorship approach and are interested in a regular role (as opposed to one-off projects) please send me an email.

May the Fourth (Be With You)

I won't go into detail, but as Sarin mentioned in his post, there will be a small series of competitions released by the DC on May 4th and due on May 4th. I believe 1st level crescents are up for grabs, so make sure you mark this event on your calendar!

I wonder how long it'll take them to spot Mufasa :P Thanks for the praise boss :D

Socks wtf your scrolly banner has Lion King. That is fucking awesome.


Ahem. Looking forward to the competitions and all things HRLDy. Grats to Vyr and Kiwi! <3 You two rock.

More magistrates? isn't there already 10-15 people on the HRLD staff? :P

We are legion, Malik. LEGION! :P

I'm personally looking forward to unprecedented turn around times for warbanner and saber requests.

With this many people on staff, they better shit out people's requests like African kids with diarrhea.

(A lot.)

Our turn-around time right now is pretty good - with some LOAs excepting. I'm super-proud of my fellow Herald staffers :D

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