Herald Office: HSH Update


Herald Office: HSH Update

Just a quick update for everyone: The Herald office is closed to all orders for the holidays. gasp

We maintain a very good turnaround all year and I am sure new folks will come to understand considering what it is closed for. As veterans know, every year the current Herald hosts the Herald Style Hannukah (HSH) event where the staff gives out new goodies for different ranks across the Brotherhood, usually in the form of brand new sabers and robes on different days during the event. Woohoo!

I have received many emails over the year asking how to get new stuff, including one this week. This is generally when it happens. The Herald staff makes new things for HSH, sometimes well ahead of time, and releases it during the holidays. It's a lot of pressure, and not every member will be happy, but the event is a lot of fun and looked forward to all year. This is my first one as Herald (I was P:H last year) and I am thoroughly excited! (and maybe a bit nervous, but definitely excited :P )

We are in the middle of production for this year's event and while I cannot give dates just yet, it will definitely be in late December. No teaser just yet either, although I can say for certain that the theme will be a mashup of several different ideas, most notably themes from video games that we are rather fond of. This was also a great year for superheroes, so that may or may not work its way in as well. But no more spoilers, there is plenty work to be done. =)

Awesome! I love HSH! I'm hoping there are new amazing accessories?

Perrhaaaaps... /shifty eyes

Moar cowbell!

Hey, you said no more spoilers, Socks :p

As Praetor I can possibly more or less not definitely reject the idea that in no way with any amount of uncertainty do I undeniably do or do not know if there will be any Accessories this year. (honestly even I don't know what I just wrote. I just wanted to write it. Yay Shrek!! XD)

That's it....V'yr is cut off from the alcohol.

And I actually understood her too

Oh, Seabass, bless.

Also +1 Shrek.

Also, I know this is odd coming from me of all people, but shouldn't it be Herald Style Holiday for political correctness???

I don't even know what Hanukkah is.

Right now its only meaning is 'make shiny things'.

Does that make me Santa?

I think that makes you an elf. And not the kind with the bow and arrow and pretty hair.

Hanukkah has also been known as Jewmas


ty wally ilu

Oh HSH Oh HSH come light the... Magistrates? On fire? I dunno. I just hope I get some sufganyot (jelly doughnuts), potato latkes (pancakes), and gelt (chocolate coins).


OMG SHINIES!!! Also Wally: Chag Chanukah Sameach!

Erryme IstmasChre

Oh dear, folks are so excited, they've started speaking in tongues! xD

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