Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 1


Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 1


In the quiet solitude of the Herald's office, Socorra felt a chill run down her spine the moment she heard the humming of her communicator signaling that she was needed. Normally she was the one making the calls - organising the details of plans, marshaling her staff to where they needed to be, confirming orders and making deals. However, this time she was the one on the receiving end - and deep down in her bones she knew who it was on the other end of the line.

Keying the communications panel built into her desk, she was greeted by the holographic black-cloaked form of the Grand Master. "Yes, my Lord?" asked the Herald immediately, reclining into the comfort of her seat. "What can I do for you?"

There was a moment's pause as Muz Ashen composed his next sentence, weaving it as carefully as the tapestry of fate that he toyed with. "The war approaches quickly and I have need of your talents, Socorra. Are you and your office prepared to carry out your duties?"

She nodded, choosing the wordless response - this was a somber moment, one whose sanctity she dared not violate. Her duty was clear to her, at least. Much of her job had been taught to her by her predecessor and mentor in the role of Herald, Orv Dessrx d'Tana Arconae, until his untimely demise at the hands of Esoteric. She was an excellent hand for wetwork, for a Herald was rarely in the Antei system - always out in the wider galaxy, making deals, confirming supply lines for the Brotherhood. Occasionally this put her in the right location to bury the knife into the backs of an unsuspecting and disloyal target. On the eve of the invasion of Korriban, what was her mission?

Her resolve as steel, she knew there was only one truth to the unbidden subtext of the Grand Master's words: succeed, or die.

"What would you have us do?"

A momentary pause felt like an eternal abyss. Those deep eyes turned to her directly, black as the depths of his soul - and she found no solace there. "I have a list of targets for you that I am transmitting momentarily. I expect them to be eliminated to ease our movements throughout the Galaxy. I also expect Mirus and your craftsmen to create us new wargear that we will take to Korriban."

A quiet beep upon her datapad indicated the arrival of a new file - no doubt her new targets. She was, first and foremost, an assassin. She had to be, to have been a Quaestor in the Shadow Clan. She was the blade in the infinite darkness. This darkness before her, however, would swallow her whole for any slight or misdemeanour. She was not its master.

"I will prepare immediately, my Lord."

"Be sure that you do, Socorra. The Dark Council. The Star Chamber. All eyes are upon you and your performance shall be weighed. If you are found wanting..." The line cut suddenly, the image of the Lion of Tarthos vanishing into the aether.

The sudden, wanton thrashing of her heart against her chest refused to abate as the fear in her soul rose, carved in by the Grand Master. This feeling would not shake itself - succeed, or die. The unspoken mantra burnt into her psyche was the only thing she knew.

HSH: Day 1

Merry Sithmas! Ladies, Gentlemen, and Groots, I am pleased to announce the beginning of Herald Style Hanukkah! It is tradition for the Herald staff to create and give out goodies during this time and I am excited to pick up the torch this year. This year everyone on staff has contributed. Special thanks to Rhiann for the rolling and news banners and Mirus for the HSH fiction that will run the length of the event.

All three items for today were created by Mirus which include a couple new weapons for Journeymen.

Proteus Lightsaber for EQ1+

Proteus Lightsaber

Vibrosword for NOV+


Dagger for NOV+


Not all items might be in the selector right away, but you can obtain them when ready by going to your lightsaber/robes construction tools. Enjoy!

‐ HRLD Socorra

Very cool!

So like, how do we obtain these goodies? :D Awesome art, specially on the Journeymen items, im sure they will appreciate this a lot!

Woot amazing graphics! Much love for Herald and staff!

Darkblade, you can go to your Lightsaber construction tool to find them. Thanks for pointing that out. =)


Good work! Happy holidays and enjoy the downtime for a few days <3

Thanks Herald staff! Especially for the n00b love, they tend to get left out.

I agree, Turel!


Also. Merry Christmas. :P

Times have changed since I last used headers.

makes sure to make it transparent for tomorrow

That vibrosword is very cool :P.

Awesome stuff, Herald's Office!

I am groot


Because Socks was boring and didn't talk about the sabers, here's me to do exactly that!

Today's contributions have a couple of inspirations: our Journeyman weapons are inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion core weapons, and the Proteus lightsaber is directly inspired by Starcraft 2's Protoss. You'll notice the sweeping curves and shining gold familiar should you be a Protoss fan.

Enjoy day 1, kids - there's plenty more to go!

You must construct additional lightsabers!

Wd require more focuaing crystals

Neat, Thanks Herald Staff. Also, 'Toss FTW!

Nice work, especially on the vibrosword/-dagger. For too long I thought Journeymen were in need of something else than a blaster.

nice. the Journeymen get good looking items


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