Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 3


Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 3



The blue, holographic image of the wandering Neti Jedi flickered before Mirus as he sat behind his desk in his office on Antei. Even with the distance between the Brotherhood homeworld and the Jedi land of New Tython, this kind of instant communication was a blessing in and of itself. They were familiar friends, battle-brothers once upon a time. Mirus had served on the Knights of Allusis under her command, and now he was the Praetor to her Magistrate.

"Mirus. It's been a while."

"Six months or so, I think," the Titan said quietly, considering the time since the once-Battleteam Leader had wandered into the desert after the conclusion of the war against Cy Thuron, not to return - until now. "I hear you're the new Rollmaster, replacing Rhiann."

"So it would appear." she replied with a forced smile.

They knew that all of this - V'yr's position as Magistrate, after her recent removal as Praetor, was a farce, a total sham. The Herald used the Jedi in the same way the Jedi used the Herald - the Dark Council kept tabs on the Odanites through V'yr Vorsa and vice-versa. Deciding that enough was enough, V'yr had been demoted from Praetor when she had stepped up as the Rollmaster - unlike Rhiann, whose true loyalties were unquestionable, the Consular's mind was only for the Light. However, the Lion and his entourage held all the cards in the end. V'yr's gambit couldn't last forever.

"Enlighten me. Is the Brotherhood preparing to go to war after all?" the Neti asked, an equal degree of curiosity and anxiety in her voice. "What is our role?"

At the end of the day, Mirus and V'yr were both equally talented at crafting things for the Brotherhood - Mirus was great with steel, able to handle his metals to make armour and lightsaber parts and equipment. Conversely, V'yr was an excellent hand with concepts and crystals in equal measure, and a deft hand with a pair of scissors for cutting through fabric.

"The Throne has asked for new items, including for Odan-Urr. I trust that you and A'lora will take care of this."

"We can handle it. Just tell me what you require." Her voice seemed bitter, guarded.

"It's more a question of what you need, isn't it? Odan-Urr is vastly under-prepared for a real war against the One Sith," he said, encouraging her to speak. Mirus knew exactly how prepared they were, all things considered. He'd been responsible for their readiness for some time, as Aedile.

However, her answer was defensive, non-committal, like before. Something was definitely wrong. "I will handle this. Do you wish me to travel to Antei for the work, or shall I stay here on New Tython?"

"Stay put. I expect you'll be ready when we come calling."

With a nod, V'yr cut the call. The Praetor to the Herald reclined in his seat, fingers steepling in front of him as he considered the repercussions of that conversation. There wasn't anything left to say. Two friends had become enemies, locked on opposite sides of the wall of Light and Dark. It was an inevitable thing, with so many of Odan-Urr believing Mirus to be a traitor to their cause, having shunned the Light Side and returning to the side of the Lion of Tarthos.

How could he be a traitor to the Light? He'd never believed in them or even truly been one of them to begin with.

HSH: Day 3

The Herald staff is pleased to bring you Day 3 of Herald Style Hanukkah!

Today's first item was created by our own Grand Master, Muz. It is available for ranks EQ2 and above and is a fashionable female armor.

The second is the very sweet Secher lightsaber by V'yr available for DJK and above, inspired by Dune!

Fierce armor for EQ2+

Fierce Armor

Secher lightsaber for DJK+

Secher Lightsaber

These are not fully uploaded to the selector at the moment, but you can obtain them when ready by going to your lightsaber/robes construction tools. Enjoy!

‐ HRLD Socorra

Woo, awesome work HRLd Team

You can check all 42 versions of the Secher Nbiw saber on your selectors riiiiight.....now :P


Is that saber-made of wood?


Arron: Essentially, yes. Metal casing and components with a Brylark exterior.

num num


that saber... how many neti lost their manhood in the making of it?

At least two too few, probably.

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