Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 4


Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 4


Upon New Tython, in the distant land of Iwu Kisiwa Makazi, the Jedi of Odan-Urr maintained one true workshop for the creation of arcane weapons and armour as befitting the Jedi Order. This place was sacred ground to its caretaker, A'lora Kituri, and those of the Light who worked for the office of the Herald. This was a temple of the First Civilization, a remnant of the Lost Tribe of Harakoa - a sacred ground that had been gifted to those who fought alongside the Harakoans for the liberation of their homeworld. For them, this place was a way to escape the doldrums of more civilised life, commune with the Force, and work on the items that would protect their brethren.

Inside the Temple's main chamber, there were plenty of workbenches, spare parts and machines to help in the creation of robes, armour and lightsabers that would protect the Jedi as they fought. Droids and student Jedi, apprenticing under the two main artisans of this hallowed hall, milled about as they went about stitching together thick cloaks to keep the Odanites warm, welded plates together to clad them in battle armour and shaped the Force to turn a shiny gem into a perfectly polished lightsaber crystal.

Upon a raised platform, looking out over the throng, stood A'lora Kituri and V'yr Vorsa. Both Magistrates to the Herald, both eyes for the Jedi near to the Dark Council, they served similar roles here - together, they formed the single unified task. While V'yr had considerably more experience than the Aedile emeritus, A'lora was a quick learner. She had picked up the skills of creating lightsabers faster than anyone else V'yr had ever known. In so many other ways, they were so opposite - A'lora, the soft-spoken survivalist, compared to V'yr, the hardened and seasoned general of war. Beyond the fact they were both adept in their craft and were both Jedi, they could not have been so different.

In A'lora's hand rested a beautifully verdant lightsaber crystal. As she held it up to the light, the Togruta admiring the way it shone as the glow-panel's rays above refracted through the surface. Even uncut, these crystals were marvellous.

"I take it you have something in mind, then," V'yr offered first, breaking the pair's long-standing silence.

"I believe so. Simple, clean, perhaps holding a stone in the pommel," A'lora replied quietly, still examining the crystal as she spoke. "What about you?"

"I'm still unsure," mused the Neti aloud. "Perhaps it will occur to me soon."

A'lora smiled, then took her crystal and went off to a workbench to begin the long and arduous task of crafting a prototype lightsaber for the approval of her superiors. The Herald staff created lightsaber prototypes, then drafted plans for the rest of the staff to see for approval - and then these plans were standardised for all those who had earned the title of Knight, then sent to the Houses and Clans for them to craft for themselves. This was a job that the newest Magistrate had taken to well, and it was the privilege of the senior staff member to assist her comrade in learning such things.

She shook her head. Time to put those thoughts out of her mind. If Odan-Urr was to stand a chance in what could perhaps devolve into a three-way war on the One Sith homeworld of Korriban, she would need to be at her absolute best in order to keep her friends and allies alive. Picking up a plasma cutter from the nearest lightsaber forge, V'yr Vorsa set about the task of creating yet another weapon of total destruction, another lightsaber blade to be driven into the hearts of the enemy. It was the least she could do now, to keep those she cared for safe.

HSH: Day 4

The Herald staff is pleased to bring you Day 4 of Herald Style Hanukkah!

We have two robes for you guys today. A male and a female armor Inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune. Both were made by V'yr.

Secher Nbiw Male robes DJK+

Secher Nbiw Male robes

Secher Nbiw Female robes DJK+

Secher Nbiw Female robes

You can obtain them by going to your lightsaber/robes construction tools. Enjoy!

‐ HRLD Socorra

Alright! 4 for 4! :)

Those robes are pure sex
There, I said it

The spice must flow!!!

Yay Destiny Warlock robes, I mean yaay Herald staff!

I have rode the mighty worm......

Great work by the artists!

AWESOMESAUCE!! Would you say that is a wooden brown? Or a chocolate brown?

It's the #1C1714 brown :P

Alright, you jerks win. I'm wearing those robes, haha.

Really loving these robes :D

I'm sorry... but these are just BAD ASS!

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