Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 6


Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 6


Socorra was not in her office this day. Given that the Grand Master had given her a list of targets-- targets that she was now working through, one by one-- she was off in the Galactic Core, having just finished a lunch date with some magnates from Kuat. It had gone as well as expected, securing yet more precious resources for the Brotherhood - starfighters, starship repair parts - things that were sorely needed when the One Sith came calling. In the meantime, while she was still finishing up her mission, she needed to check back with her staff to ensure production was going on as per schedule.

She placed a holocall to Mirus' office - but there was no answer at first, until a very late one followed suit.

"Office of the Praetor to the Herald and Grand Master," answered a silky-smooth feminine voice, flickering to life on the other end as a distant blue figure.

"You're not Mirus... Rhiann, is that you?" shot back the Herald, mildly curious. "What are you doing there?"

"My job," was all the Sephi Obelisk replied, a slight smile curving across her lips. She had no need for other words or explanation - Rhiann wasn't exactly the queen of conversation, especially when the obvious was involved. She was a Magistrate to the Herald, meaning her job was to work with the Praetor, but as almost anyone who knew the pair knew, they were essentially otherwise inseparable.

"I see you're wearing the garb of Arcona now," Socorra commented with interest. Having been out of the Antei system for the woman leaving New Tython and joining her battle-brother Turel on Selen with Clan Arcona, she'd not heard the announcement. Needless to say, it was a shock. "What House are you with?"

"Qel-Droma. I seem to recall you were both its Aedile and Quaestor," was Rhiann's matter-of-fact reply. Information was one of her most deadly weapons, after her lightsaber and her datapad.

"You'd be right. It's nice. You'll fit in well there, I think, better than you ever did in Odan-Urr. Better for you to go back to being an Obelisk, anyway."

"It's considerably more to my liking, yes. They take less offence to the idea of violence and murder... or so most reports would have you believe." The ex-Rollmaster's thinly-veiled disdain for the strange inability of Odan-Urr to decide on a single, unified belief amongst its members was a justified one, in her eyes; many of its members were openly Dark Side followers. They had no real direction, and no appreciation for the fact that it was the Iron Throne that gave them life. That was all in the past and no longer her problem - the way she liked it. So too could she remain an Obelisk, seeking the perfection of beauty in warfare - just the way she liked it.

"A shame, however. I liked having eyes and ears inside the Jedi," commented the Socorran native offhand. Rhiann had been such a good source of information after Mirus' rapid departure to the foot of the Iron Throne.

"Well, we can't have everything. Speaking of me having everything, I'm going to take my leave now and go harass Mirus. He's working overtime to make sure everything will be ready on time - at the rate he's working, it will be. Rest assured, Socorra, this is under control." Sudden? Perhaps, but Rhi was prone to going off on her own tangents at any given moment. Just one of those things.

The Herald paused and considered, then nodded, apparently satisfied with the strange answer of her Magistrate. Was she doing anything? Probably. "I'll take your word for it. Goodbye, Rhiann. Take care."

The Sephi nodded and closed the line, severing the link between the Core Worlds and Antei with little more than a flick of a finger. It was time to go be a hilarious nuisance.

HSH: Day 6

The Herald staff is pleased to bring you Day 6 of Herald Style Hanukkah!

We have two sweet robes for you guys today. Both are designed by A'lora.

Intrigue Formalwear for EQ2

Intrigue Formalwear

Shaak Ti Robes for EQ2

Shaak Ti Robes

They may not be fully uploaded, but when ready you can obtain them by going to your lightsaber/robes construction tools. Enjoy!

‐ HRLD Socorra

It's nice to know that my character has options if he wants to "feel pretty." Something else to look forward to at EQ2 ;) Great work again Herald staff!

Also, dat fiction, Qel-Droma ftw!

Oh sweet robes!


We have two sweet robes for you guys today. coughs

Glad to see the DJB females getting some nice robes during this whole event! They'd been locked into some limited options for a while. These are definitely overdue.

Nice job Herald staff!

like the robes nicely done.

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