Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 7


Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 7


She wasn't joking when she said she was going to go harass Mirus - Rhiann was going to do exactly that.

Fortunately for the Sephi, the office was a fairly expansive one. Being Praetor to the Grand Master and the Herald all as one afforded Mirus certain... perks. One such perk was a bigger office. Not much bigger but enough to fit a lightsaber forge in, as well as some lightsaber crystal installations for inspiration. This meant that Mirus could do the work of both Socorra and Muz at the same time in the comfort of one room, which he never seemed to leave very often.

At this point, sweat glistened from his chest and back as he pounded hammer against heated metal, twisting and forging the plates of armour to shape. All around him, completed weapons - most notably, two finished daggers and a vibrosword, plus aurodium-plated lightsaber hilts - lay scattered as a testament to the long hours that he had worked unceasingly on the panoply of war. Failed durasteel scraps and lightsaber crystals littered the floor, completing the scene of construction. Across his broad shoulders lay a towel, absorbing the sweat that beaded off his chest. The heat of the room with the forging materials in use could not be ignored and the Sephi felt it on her skin immediately.

Rhiann's footsteps into the other half of the office were quick and silent like a kitten's, ignoring the fact that their pet cat Darth Litterbox was meowing at her feet and interrupting her stealthy movement. "Mirus."

The Titan of New Tython refused to look up, even as he kept shaping the durasteel battle-plate. "Yes?"

Without another thought, Rhiann conjured the Force to her, leaping upwards and landing in a seated position across his shoulders, legs draped over his chest. Were Mirus not seated himself, he probably would have fallen backwards with her weight. As it stood, however, he had a Magistrate very literally sitting on him.

Unfortunately, this was normal.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked casually, playfulness in her tone.

"Working on armour." As if that wasn't painfully obvious already, you huge stupid fool.

"I can see that. I want details, mister. What new toys have you made me?"

With a hammer in hand, Mirus motioned to the floor beside him. "I just finished a new dagger or two. Why don't you go try it out? I figure you'd appreciate those more than most."

Rhiann conjured the vibrodagger Mirus had completed only minutes ago to her hand with a deft manipulation of her fingers, the weapon flying through the air with the practised ease of a simple task of the Force. "You're the only living person in here, so no, I'm not going to bury my dagger between your shoulder blades as a test."

Mirus canted his head sideways, quirking a brow as he did so. "...that was oddly specific."

Rolling back off his shoulders, Rhiann landed on the floor in an easy crouch. The cat skittered over to her, to which she offered the glorious Darth Litterbox a scratch behind the ears before he ran off to go and pee on the carpet somewhere, likely. "I'll be back. If you hear screaming, it's probably my fault. And it's not Turel walking in on us this time."

Mirus just shook his head. Of course she just had to go there.

HSH: Day 7

The Herald staff is pleased to bring you Day 7 of Herald Style Hanukkah!

We have two more robes for you guys and gals.. and maybe trees. Both are designed by me.

If you've read this far and not gone straight to the goodies, have a wonderful New Years, and tomorrow...

...The HSH Grand Finale!

...Dun Dun Dunnnn...

Noble Female robes for JH

Noble Female robes

Noble Male for JH

Noble Male robes

They are not fully uploaded, but when ready you can obtain them by going to your lightsaber/robes construction tools. Enjoy!

‐ HRLD Socorra

Those are some pretty neat designs! Great job and have a Happy New Year, everyone!

Nice work folks- everything looks great so far!


Damn you HRLD people. Now I need to decide between these sexy, sleek designs and Dune.

All ready for the ball! The Dune joints are my favorite thus far, also.

Niiice. The Dune ones were made of sex and awesome, but these are sleek as can be. I feel fancy just looking at them. Go HRLD staff! Happy New Years!


Straight up sexy ;)

Awesome. Great work guys.

hahaha Mirus got harassed

Mirus getting harassed is nothing new :p

Really like those noble robes. :)

Awesome stuff, HRLD Office! Thanks Socks :)

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