[Herald Tournament] Shroud War II


[Herald Tournament] Shroud War II


As promised in the recent Herald Report, the second Shroud War is upon us.

_While the Collective still lurks just over the horizon, the Shroud Syndicate looks to broaden the influence of the Herald and the Brotherhood as whole. The fringe of society, where hunters and smugglers alike dwell, has always been a lucrative place for those such as the Hutt cartels, Black Sun, and the Pyke Syndicate. The Shroud must claim its part of the pie as well, and you will help them do so.

Join the fray and help the Herald expand our control of the criminal underworld._

Visit the competition page to sign-up.

Sign-ups are open through April 18th. All you need to do is subscribe to the parent competition.

This tournament will be a bit different structure than normally done here in the DJB.

Everyone who signs up will participate through the first three rounds of the tournament. You will be randomly paired off for Round 1, and then matched against someone with a similar win/loss score for rounds 2 and 3. The top 8 will advance to the quarterfinals.

Round 1 will officially start April 21st.

Sign up and prepare for some awesome arting challenges!

Do the art thing!

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