Herald Update #1: New Magistrate


Herald Update #1: New Magistrate


Appointment: Magistrate

In my first report, you might remember that I opened up applications for the vacant Magistrate position that was left open upon Nero's resignation. I received a number of excellent applications, though I feel one stood out amongst the rest. The chosen applicant brings a load of experience and talent to the staff, having previously served the Herald's office as a Magistrate of some repute. You might remember some of his previous work, or even be wearing some of the skins he created if your character has a bit of a tribal force user feel. As such, I'd like to welcome Kasula Daegella, aka A'lora aka Morotheri, back to the Herald staff.

I'd like to thank the other applicants as well, and ask those that weren't chosen this time around to keep their eyes open for future opportunities. The graphical side of the Brotherhood is one that often times requires a bit of outside assistance, so even if you're not a Magistrate today doesn't mean you won't be asked to come on to provide some project help tomorrow. And, you never can tell when another position will open up. The life of a wandering graphics artist is an ever changing one, so keep your eyes peeled for those future opportunists!


The Lek-invasion is proceeding as I have foreseen it... >:)

Wooot! Congratulations Daegella(s)! :)

Congrats Moro! Your abilities are gonna help a ton!


Congrats, mate :D

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