Herald Update: New Magistrates and changes to Releases


Herald Update: New Magistrates and changes to Releases

Hello Space Cowboys!

There are a few updates the Herald Staff would like to share with you, so let's get right into it.

New Magistrates

We have selected two new Magistrates to fill our ranks. Everyone, please congratulate Abadeer Taasii and Ryū Suoh!

Ryū (aka Nero) will help us mostly with graphics. he has developed and advanced greatly in the short time I've followed his work. I'm sure he'll develop even more as he starts off working on your sabers and guns.

Abadeer, who is also PCON of Plagueis, will take on the administration aspect of the team and develop new and interesting competitions. He will also engage with members in DB Art Club and start learning the basics of what it takes to be on our team.

Thank you both for applying and I expect I'll see great stuff from both of you.

Changes to Releases

In other news, you may have noticed a lack of reports on my part as well as a lack of released images. Unfortunately, we had to take some time off from our work. Several members of the Herald staff had to take leaves of absence due to burn out and we took a much-needed break after making literally thousands of images non-stop for almost three years now. I am immensely proud of every member of my team, current and former, for keeping up with my demands and making Brotherhood graphics as great as they are.

That said I've also realized the reason behind the burnout and I will be pushing back the Release dated by one month starting this December. From December on, we will release new skins and graphics every three months. This is important for us as we go into the future because more and more projects are piling up and we will need the extra time to get all our work done.


Thank you all for your time, congrats once more to Abadeer and Nero and as always I'll see you later, space cowboys.


Congrats to the new staff.

I did want to take a moment and thank the Herald team, both past and present, for the great work you guys do. It's an important aspect of this club, one of the unique things I believe we have to offer and sets us apart from other clubs. Keep up the great work, we are prettier every day because of you guys. :)

Congrats to the new Magistrates!

Congrats to the Magistrates. Also want to applaud the Herald staff for all they do for us here. The spacing out releases makes a lot of sense and in a way makes things all the sweeter when we get them. * applauding *

Congrats all. Well done!

Wooo Congrats to Abadeer Taasii and Ryū Suoh!!! Good luck guys.

Congratulations to the new Magistrates!

I guess he's Abadoing the art stuff now

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