Herald Update - Praetor Edition #3 - Custom Request Changes!


Herald Update - Praetor Edition #3 - Custom Request Changes!


The Herald staff has some exciting news regarding the Custom Graphics request system! Let’s get right to it!

Changes to Custom requests

With the addition of Possessions to our live website, we have had to reconfigure our Custom Graphics requests.

You will now find several changes to your Admin interface. There is now one single page for all your graphics needs:

By adding a new request, you will send us the info directly and we can easily categorize and archive it. You will also notice a new feature where the request, upon review, shows which member of the staff handles your request and the due date when it should be finished.

There are 4 types of requests for now: Weapons, Robes, Unit or position graphics and Warbanners. Only Warbanners are yet to be integrated into the new system, but don't worry, the legacy form we've used for years still works.

What does this mean for you?

Well, the forms are now much simpler and more intuitive. Specifically for weapon requests, you will be able to request anything you own in Possessions. No more unnecessary and complicated forms.

Future changes?

Pretty soon we'll have a solid form for Warbanners as well. We'll also have a better integrated system for matching your weapons with image skins (what we call dossier images now, to differentiate them from Possessions items).

Our wiki pages have also been updated:

Thanks for your time and enjoy Possessions! :)

Wonderful update. Thanks!

Great job, guys. Can't wait to use the new graphics request process.

Can't wait until I get a chance to utilize it (very soon hopefully) :D

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