Herald Update - Praetor Edition #4 - New Graphics Archetype!


Herald Update - Praetor Edition #4 - New Graphics Archetype!


Greetings, artists and those who enjoy art!

Graphics Archetype

Today our awesome Seneschal deployed a new Graphics Competition Archetype. It works in a similar way to the Fiction Archetype already in use: when you submit a new Graphics competition, you will be able to request a competition that awards Clusters of Graphite Automagically™ upon completion.

There are no major changes to the competition request layout but one, and we feel it is important to note this section:

The Difficulty Class will do literally what it means: it will determine the difficulty scale of the graphics competition. How this will be handled and what it will mean will become important in the future, but for now it remains a disabled feature. That said, it will not impact your competition/s in any way at this time so you may leave that on the default setting.

As stated in the Herald Competition Approval Guidelines, the competitions will be approved by the Herald staff and all Clusters will be automatically awarded upon closure. No need for e-mails or complicated approval processes.

Wiki changes

With this new change rolling in, two wiki pages have seen changes: Herald Competition Approval Guidelines and Cluster of Graphite.

The approval guidelines have been altered to be in line with the automated system, and a new section has been added to the Cluster of Graphite page called Additional Activities (that grant Clusters of Graphite). Please take a moment once again to read the wiki pages and understand your rights.

Please have a look at Herald Policies as well.

If you have any questions, please send them to the Herald staff mail, [Log in to view e-mail addresses], directly to the Herald or me, or find us on Telegram.

So with difficulty class, are we going to start eliminating people from even participating from the get go now? I thought we already had Crescents to reward skill, why would we need to limit members in what competitions they can take part in?

@Malik: Thank you for your comment. To reply: We have no such plans, and your assumptions are hardly warranted. The Difficulty Classes will have nothing to do with limiting participation or Crescents. They will exist to show expected level of skill or effort. Suffice to say nothing will change in regards to how we award medals (Crescents and Clusters) nor will these medals be revoked or diminished.

This is fantastic and I'm really happy to see the art side of the DB keepin' on with the progress. First Clusters, then automation, soon...Society. Aww yissss.


Difficulty classes are an estimation of effort, to my understanding. Doesn't means someone can't submit a 30-second concept sketch for one involving a character instead of a 3-hour painting, but it might be listed as "intermediate" instead of the beginner equivalent just based on how hard characters generally are to draw for most.

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