HKM Quaestor Report - February 2016


HKM Quaestor Report - February 2016

HKM Quaestor Report


Sarin and the Crew™ have finally released the adjustment we've been waiting for. Star Wars continues to be awesome. Life continues to be busy. Want to know more? Then look inside this Special Edition Belated Report, live from the desk of one Eiko Lanzer, funneled straight into your noggin with the power of a bunch of kitten-packed tubes and wires known as the Internet.

The news starts... now.


So, you all saw the emails. We have a fictionally adjusted Brotherhood, coherent and current with Awakening of the Force. Sarin's sent us back into time to...

... kill all of the Jedi.

Yeah, it's pretty stellar. Wanna be dark and feudy? We have a lot of momentum from the whole club leading into...


... our upcoming feud with Odan Urr, which will start SOON™. Expect some violence, some reunited long-lost loves (I know the Selika/Turel murder-ship will continue racking up a high NPC body count), and we'll get the chance to have some of the best competition in months. Now, that said...


... with all this looking forward to the feud, life's been quite in Karness Muur. Darkblade departed us for a shiny new Quaestor seat, and filling his seat in wonderful, beautiful, can't-say-enough-good-about-him style is the former BTL of Ajunta Pall's Disciples of Dreypa, Kalon Entar. Find him in Telegram, chat with him, and get used to seeing his face around. He's a fine addition to the team, and we'll be getting our Summit stuff sorted out starting post-feud.

That doesn't mean there's nothing to do, though. I've seen a bunch of our members (Plagueis as a whole, and HKM in particular) get out and generate some interesting competitions. That's the kind of thing that looks great heading into promotions, kids, especially when you're committing your time and effort into making sure that other people have a great time. Leadership 101 is mostly Service 101, when it comes down to it.

Battle Team

As with the House, life's quiet in the Battle Team, except for the aforementioned appointment of one Kalon Entar to lead our rag-tag batch of McPostles (Apostles, for the budget conscious!).



This project has been pushed to the post-Feud window, still.

Dusty Attic

Project will be reopened after the Feud for review and updates based on Clan events and Brotherhood fictional changes that need to occur. We have a better foundation for the Brotherhood and Clan history that we need to accommodate, and a new team to tackle the project.

Voices of Muur

The saga just reached its temporary pause in the thread, where the Dread Lord called off the unstoppable (yet, really, slightly stoppable) Tide of Darkness™ from wiping out the last remnants of Drax's forces on a distant moon to a much more "appetizing" target (Teylas's own words, which I wrote for him, which you can read in the thread. Clickbait!)

Project launch completed, with more stages yet to go as the RO continues to develop and build around its participants. We'll be reviving the RO on the other side of the Feud, continuing to address the side-stories and Clan development that you all have been so vigorously working on. Thanks for your participation!

Sphinx's Riddle

This one's a secret, remember? As a personal project, it was held up by the transitions happening in my real life, but it did have some notable strides this month.

Project is reaching its maturation point, where it should be able to work across the board. It's benefited greatly from my RL career working with a bunch of business consultants, so that's been a YUUUGE boon.



Abadeer Taasii: Proselyte

Adrian: Novice, Proselyte, Neophyte

Kryy Vitaan: Hunter

Laren Uscot: Runner

Marr Shalin: Novice, Proselyte

Tatticus: Novice

And, of especially notable note:

Gad Rane: Knight

Congratulations on joining the Knighted of Plagueis, Gad!

Final Thoughts

This is already belated, and folks who know my style of writing can probably tell that I'm veering dangerously close to Drac-like chaotic glee right now...

... but you know why?

I get to see my good friends from my House Revan days again, and on the field of battle, no less.

Jedi are the best friends.

For mauling!

It's a Dark Side pun, see? Mauling, Darth Maul -- like killing Jedi, but doing it in a really Sithy way. Yeah. That's about the worst thing I've come up with in a few months. Don't tell Arden. He'll find a way to out-groan that pun.

I know Dusty Attic is a wiki update, but what is Yarnspinner?

I'm not a member of HKM, but thank you for the sweet report regardless! ^/_^

congrats to all the promos

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