House Dinaari Quaestor Final Report


House Dinaari Quaestor Final Report


Quaestor Report

Sith Battlemaster Omega Kira


It's sorta sad to say goodbye to this office. My time, as of late, has become scarce, and I cannot give the office the time that is required. On a more happy note; Aiden will be stepping up from AED to QUA and I'm excited to see, what he will do with the house! It was always my plan for him to follow upward, and now is just as good as time as any. I'll still be around and you can catch me in telegram anytime!

Thanks for the fun!

-Omega Kira

-SB Omega Kira

Quaestor, House Dinaari

It's been a pleasure to work with you Omega, thank you for everything.

Thank you Omega!

Thank you Omega, and congrats Aiden!

Au revoir, mr kira. Have a beer and relax now.

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