House Liath Aedile Application Open!


House Liath Aedile Application Open!

House Liath is in need of an Aedile, so please apply! We're a Grey House inside Tarentum that has one battleteam of Force Users akin to shamans and medicine men and another battle team of NFU's that are our muscle and gritty PMC.

If you are interested, please send an application to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) by April 28th.

Applications should include:

  • Why you want the job?

  • Qualifications for it

  • Ideas to improve the House

  • Any activities that might take up some of your time (I only ask for this so I know what schedules are like and I can take into account busy times, etc)

  • Recommendation from another DB Member (Not required, but really helps)

Basically, you should know what goes into an application for Aedile, we're all smart people here. All applications will be considered, from across the DB, so please don't hesitate!

Thank you everyone!

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