House Satele Shan Quaestor Open for Applications


House Satele Shan Quaestor Open for Applications

Applications will be open until January 10th. However, given the critical nature of having this position filled as early as possible, we reserve the right the close earlier than projected on receiving an extraordinary application.

Once again, this position will be open Brotherhood-wide.

Applications should be sent to:


  • 24 hour email turnaround (excluding leaves of absence)

  • Rank of at least Knight (JM4), no previous Brotherhood leadership is required but RM, AED or BTL time is a big plus.

  • The ability to be present and approachable on Clan avenues of communication (email, IRC, Telegram is strongly recommended but not a hard requirement).

  • Be available for additional questions or an interview from the summit


  • Address specific ideas on how you will develop the lore of Seher and House Satele Shan.

  • Make sure to give the hiring committee some indication of what your philosophy on DB leadership is.

  • 30/60/90 formats are not required and somewhat discouraged

  • Don't wait until the last minute! This is a critical vacancy and we reserve the right to make a selection prior to the closing.

This is a Awesome Opportunity and I hope many of you try out for this job COU is a great clan!

I volunteer Mako as tribute!

DO IT FOLKS. You get to work with amazing people.

Hi,guys I'm new!

Hope everything goes your way Mar. Your work is inspiring to us.

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