Ice in Summer


Ice in Summer

Ladies, Gentlebeings, and Pandas,

I just want to make sure I get the word out for a current DJB-wide competition I am hosting. Normally I let people find these comps on their own (see Sporcle’s success), but this one has a short window for initial entry, so I want to get it out for as many people to see as possible.

This is an NHL playoff bracket, with a small twist. You only need to make selections one round at a time – this keeps competitors engaged throughout and makes it so that people still have a chance to earn some medals even if they totally tank their picks for a round.

To participate, just subscribe here and send me an email with your picks for this round. To make it simple, just send me the 8 teams you think will win and how many games it will take each to win their best-of-seven series (ie – LA in 7, Edmonton in 5, etc…). I need the picks in my email before the puck drops on the first game of the round – so by April 15 at 19:00 EST.

This round’s matches:

Montreal v Ottawa

Washington v New York Islanders

Vancouver v Calgary

Nashville v Chicago

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh

Tampa Bay v Detroit

Anaheim v Winnipeg

St Louis v Minnesota

History will be made!

Actually remembered to submit picks this year. Very excited for this comp!

I submitted to this, because yay activity.

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