Journeyman Hall Addition


Journeyman Hall Addition

I'm happy to announce the release of the first of several new graphics-related courses lovingly crafted by our friends in the Herald's office. After a few months of discussion, Mirus got the ball rolling and put the first, introductory course together. As of today, it lives in the Journeyman Hall. Go take Graphics 101: Introduction!

I hope to announce a few more new/update courses very soon in my next report, along with at least one more degree change. Keep your eyes open.

EDIT: Per Mav's excellent suggestion, the name has been changed to better reflect the content of the course. It's now "Graphics 101: Graphics in the Brotherhood". Yay. :p


... Skittles.

Oh, Mirus.


Oh great, more artsy-fartsy stuff.

Excellent addition, your efforts are very much appreciated.

More classes to take ^_^

Well done writing it Mirus. As a reward, you'll be let out of your cage and will be walked around lyspair for an hour (on a leash of course)

Renamed to "Graphics 101: Graphics in the Brotherhood".

Again renamed to "Graphics in the Brotherhood" to get rid of the double bit. Hope you will all enjoy the course!

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