Left Hand of Justice: Montresor


Left Hand of Justice: Montresor


I received nine excellent applications for Left Hand of Justice. Now, I have opened up applications for a lot of positions over the years, but this time I was beyond surprised at the quality of the applicants and the applications. Every person that applied took the time and effort to delve deep into their backgrounds and their ideas for the Chamber of Justice. The applications were specific in amendments that are needed to the Covenant and were well-reasoned. Each of the candidates has my thanks, and a couple have earned the right to help me with the judicial reform and amendment process, despite the fact they did not get the position.

In the end, there is only one Left Hand of Justice position. After a careful weighting of many factors, I have chosen Sith Battlelord Montresor as the twentieth Left Hand of Justice. Monty had an excellent application that set forth why he wants the position, the steps he will take to ensure the rights of members are upheld, and the areas he thinks we need to improve. He demonstrated his ability and core competencies, and will make an excellent addition to the team.

Thank you again to all of the applicants. You made my decision incredibly difficult, but solidified my belief that the Brotherhood is filled with bright, mature minds and great up-and-coming leaders.

Regards, Jac

Yay Monty!

Gratz Monty.


Nice job, Monty. :)

...bahahah this gets better and better.

Congrats Monty! Do Work Son <3

I'm jst so proud of Monty.

Congratulations! Looking forward to working with you during the rest of my term.

Gratz Monty!


Congrats, man! Go repaint dat new office. ;)

Congrats Monty!

Gratz Monty! Do Work Son and keep being awesome! <3

Congratulations, Monty!

Congrats Monty!

Good luck Monty, I'm sure you're up for the challenge.

Congratulations, Monty!

Yay Monty! Have fun herding the buffalo!

Thank you for the congratulatory words! I could not be more excited as my DJB experience gets better and better.

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