Left Hand of Justice Open for Applications


Left Hand of Justice Open for Applications


Aabsdu has been serving his one-year term as Left Hand of Justice for over a year. My thanks to Aabs for his service. It is, however, time to pick his replacement.

Applications for LHoJ are being accepted.

The Left Hand of Justice is generally considered the public defender of the DB. He serves as defense counsel and ensures that members have proper knowledge of their rights. He works with the Right Hand of Justice to gain a full discovery of evidence and helps establish a case in defense of the accused.

The person that takes over as LHoJ at this point is going to be heavily involved in efforts to amend the Covenant and other policies.

In your application, aside from the usual details, please give some insight as to why you would be a good defense counsel, and any preliminary thoughts that you may have on solidifying the rights of the accused in the Covenant. You are going to help me make sure that there is no inJSTice in the DB.

Having passed both CoJ SA courses is a big plus, but may not be a necessity.

Applications are due to me by 10:00 EST on March 2.

Thank you, Jac

Choo choo choose me?

Choose me?

Warning: Jac is 'left handed', if you know what I mean.

Damn it Halc, get your own line. You plagiarizing ass. :P

What am I still doing here? I was alerted to some green crook stealing my material. Jac, COJ him.

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