Legendary - DGM Report


Legendary - DGM Report

Legendary - Deputy Grand Master Report

"History has its truth, and so has legend. Legendary truth is of another nature than historical truth. Legendary truth is invention whose result is reality. Furthermore, history and legend have the same goal; to depict eternal man beneath momentary man." - Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three

In This Report:

  • Commentary on Star Wars Legends and How It Affects the Brotherhood

  • Timeline Update for Fading Light & GJW XI

  • Armed Forces

  • Fading Light Scoring System for Begeren

  • Fading Light Standings Recap

  • Gread Jedi War XI: The Story So Far


In case you missed the announcement...


A lot to take in for so few words.

The question on our minds is, "How does this affect us?" as a club, as a community, as fictional characters that have grown to be part of our lives over years and decades. What does this mean for us? I've been thinking about it, reading about it, and have put some thoughts together I'll share below.

The most basic answer to the question is: The Legends concept affects us only as much as we decide to let it. As a dedicated fan community spanning decades with a fictional tapestry as expansive as any, the easiest solution for us is we are but one more Legend in the Star Wars mythos. Maybe a cabal of Force heretics existed once upon a time in a caldera of dark energy far, far away...or maybe they didn't. We knew the new films would change some things, maybe everything, but no matter what they canonize or don't canonize, what we've built here remains.

Regardless of Disney reinventing Star Wars for new generations of fans this galaxy we've come to know will always remain as each of us first saw it. Whether as a child, a teenager, or, for some of you latecomers, an adult, whatever drew you in is still here. More importantly, what we've built atop the foundations Mr. Lucas laid for us has further cemented our relationship with and existence in Star Wars mythology. Your characters, your stories, your friendships, those aren't going anywhere. Will we have to edit some wiki articles? Maybe. But no revision, re-imagining, or reboot changes what we've all done here, together.

To quote Okemi, something we created...

"What is done here will live forever."

Indeed it will.


As Pravus posted in his Dark Council Minutes (gettin' fancy), we've moved the timeline for the next round of Fading Light, and the start of the Great Jedi War, to the right a bit. All the details are below. But first, a little reminder on the format for Fading Light.

Fading Light consists of three rounds/planets. The first planet was Bosthirda and featured a Run-On event that ran from 28 February to 16 March. The next round/planet will be Begeren and feature an Antei Combat Center single-elimination tournament that will begin on 17 May and run until completion. For newer members, this is an author vs author combat writing event featuring alternating posts by each writer that has been a staple activity of the club for years.

Sign-ups for the tournament began on 30 April and end 14 May. It will behoove you greatly to get as many of your members qualified for the ACC and signed up for the tournament as possible.

The more you have participate, the more Armed Forces Points you can earn to purchase Air, Land, and Space forces for your unit and the better your chance of fielding someone who may win the tournament.

Fading Light, Round 2 of 3, Begeren, ACC Single-Elimination Tournament

ACC Tournament Sign-Ups - 30 April to 14 May
ACC Tournament - 17 May Until Completion

Note: The Great Jedi War timeline is still under discussion but will push to the right as far as Fall 2014. Details to follow.

All other Fading Light details can be found here and have been updated to reflect the most recent changes I'm in possession of.

Armed Forces Requisitions Complete

There was no big hurry on this so the units were given ample time (months) to figure out what they wanted to do. Here at the DGM tactical operations man cave we try to make this aspect of the club as fun and painless as possible. The last few remaining units have made their decisions and everyone is up-to-date.

Thanks to the unit leaders for staying on point and helping me get this done. We've finished yet another chance for each unit to customize, tweak, and tune their forces to their liking.

There will be one more opportunity for purchases and sales following Fading Light and prior to Great Jedi War XI so you all can set your orders of battle one last time before we rip Korriban away from the One Sith.

Fading Light Scoring System for Begeren

Just a reminder for those of you with us a while and a heads-up to anyone who has joined us in the last few months.

We're keeping all the scoring for Fading Light as close to The Dark Crusade scoring system as possible. For Begeren/Round 2, just like Bosthirda/Round 1, earning First, Second, and Third Place in the given event yield not only Novae (Gold, Silver, Bronze) for the winners, but Placement Points for their respective units.

First Place (Gold Nova) = 15 Placement Points
Second Place (Silver Nova) = 10 Placement Points
Third Place (Bronze Nova) = 5 Placement Points

These Placement Points are cumulative and will determine the over all winner for the Fading Light Vendetta once all three planets/rounds are complete.

Again, for anyone who has joined us recently, we also take into account the participation ratio of each unit. Not only is this a sort of bragging right, "Our unit had higher participation than your unit," etc., but it is also rewarded by what we call Armed Forces Points which are used to purchase military equipment for your unit's armed forces.

UPDATE: What constitutes participation in the ACC Tournament?

We had a nice long discussion about this and participation is defined as follows:

Earn a Cluster of Ice as per ACC rules


Win the Tournament

Thanks to Mav and Yacks for helping us work out a fair system for everyone.

So, for Begeren participation, no surprise here...

Qualifying Participant / Unit Total Members = Participation Ratio x 400 point Armed Forces Multiplier = AFP's

This is also the same format from the first planet, TDC, etc.

If there's a tie...we only have one event this round so it may happen:

Unit A member wins First Place and receives 15 Placement Points
Unit B members win Second and Third and receive 15 Placement Points


Highest unit participation ratio between Unit A and B will break the tie and determine the planet/round winner. So maybe one particular unit has a lock on First Place with their very own resident Hemingway? Well, motivate your people to get out and compete and if your unit can secure Second and Third Place you could potentially "steal" the win by having better participation!

This is also the same way ties were determined in The Dark Crusade (TDC).

We've never really had a synergistic scoring system like this prior to The Dark Crusade and Fading Light. It's been pretty popular and emphasizes teamwork and that every member contribution counts. So get involved, have fun, and don't let your team down.

The Master-at-Arms Office is currently running an automated AWOL check to ensure as many members as possible are active and ready to participate. See your unit leaders for more details on AWOL checks and the importance of logging into the website on a regular basis.

All of the above was made available to your leaders for input beforehand, but it's pretty standard at this point. They should have shared the information with you all, but in case you missed it, here it is again.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Fading Light Standings Recap

From my last report...

Here is where the units stand so far in the Fading Light Vendetta.

First Place - Taldryan - 90 Placement Points - 88 Armed Forces Points
Second Place - Plagueis - 50 Placement Points - 132 Armed Forces Points
Third Place - Arcona - 30 Placement Points - 152 Armed Forces Points

Scholae Palatinae - 144 Armed Forces Points
Odan-Urr - 140 Armed Forces Points
Naga Sadow - 96 Armed Forces Points
Tarentum - 32 Armed Forces Points

After Begeren/Round 2 completes, get ready for the final planet! It will feature multiple events so if your unit is behind on Placement Points it will be a golden opportunity to catch the leaders and steal the show.

Great Jedi War XI: The Story So Far

An excerpt from Great Jedi War XI: In the Time of Monsters...

To her he was a vessel. Nothing more. To him she was everything. The only thing. The reason he had come and the reason he had stayed. He watched as she combed out her luxurious auburn hair. The comb had been a gift. Fine and ancient bone from a species of fish that had lived in a sea somewhere long ago. She had thanked him. Not with a kiss, but with a hand to his chest. It had been as much a gesture of distance as closeness.

Why she allowed him in her bed he did not know. Her counsel was her own. He possessed her body from time to time, but what a fleeting thing that was. What he wanted she would not give. What he needed he would likely never have.

Pravus (Matt) and I are working on the story for the GJW. I'm doing more writing on this than I thought I'd ever do again for the club, but it has actually been pretty cool. Muz is collaborating with us as well and will be handling the comic script version of the story. What we're aiming for is a relatively light-weight story in traditional form that will compliment the comic book.

Just want the down and dirty? Read the comic. Interested in a little more detail? Read the story. In the past we've seen 100-page GJW stories on one end of the spectrum and essentially no-story GJW stories on the other. We think this will be a nice balance.

My job is to tell the primary tale. Matt's job will be to weave each unit's story and role into that tale. Muz will script the comic book. Then it will be all three of our jobs to find someone talented enough to bring it to life in visual form.

So that's a little bit of an update of what's going on with the story and what's been occupying some of my time lately.

Shadow Hand Resources

Things you might find useful that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of reports.

Fading Light - Guideline Document

Dark Brotherhood Comic Book Archive

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Armed Forces Worksheet (MTOE)

Recent News Posts

Hit me up if there's something you need. People do this frequently and I'm usually able to help out fairly quickly. Email is the best way to reach me. I travel. A lot. I'm not often on IRC due to network issues in the places I work, but where and when I can I hop on.

Currently, IRC is working intermittently at best where I'm located, so rather than connect and disconnect 25,000 times a day, I've only been checking in once in a while. In case of emergency (not sure what the hell that would be) get a hold of any Dark Councilor as they have my phone number (scary, right?) and can text me.

Coming Soon...

  • Fading Light, Begeren Results!
  • More Stuff!
  • Even Longer Reports!
  • Potential Rage-Quit (I'm Due)

"Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

See you out there,


Nice report master

Hi! Can we get some more details on scoring for the ACC? Like the specific rules in regards to how "Qualifying Participant" works? Does that mean that only ACC qualified people count? How are the calculations going to work in regards to people timing out on ACC matches? Basically, a lot more detail.

We have had some problems in the past where rules are posted, but there's a bit of wiggle room and/or room for interpretation, and that has lead to some issues where the results of events would have changed based upon those interpretations.

Following up: I assume you mean: "people that actually complete the acc event" / unit numbers at the start of the event, but because the word qualifying was used (and that has a specific ACC meaning), I have to ask. :P

Yep, that's all I meant by "Qualifying Participant."

That'll work. Thanks Raken!

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