Lightsaber Escape!


Lightsaber Escape!

Have you ever wanted to use a lightsaber and test your skills against a Stormtrooper? Google has released an app that turns your phone into a lightsaber and your goal is to escape from the First Order including deflecting blaster bolts from Stormtroopers. This is a fun game that requires a computer and your phone (with Chrome browser) to use. A competition has already been approved for your enjoyment! Escape as fast as you can for crescents, but all participants will receive 5 Clusters of Fire!

*The DB and Ernordeth are not liable for any damages or injuries.

It's a very fun game! Though, sadly, near the end my phone lost calibration... Screenshot submitted!

sounds so cool

This sounds like a lot of fun. :)

It is seriously the coolest thing I've done with my phone recently. I streamed it for about an hour on twitch last night.

It's actually rather fun, the only issue I have had with it, is that it's a bit clunky in the controls to on screen movement but for gimmick games it is amazing.

It was a blast to say in the least. Thank you for introducing it.

Did you guys and gals happen to score the FREE Google Cardboard thing with various Star Wars characters printed on it? I was able to get the BB-8 one. From what I understand it goes around your phone and makes it easier to see the virtual reality thing they got for star wars on one of their apps.

Mine arrived today, so maybe I could make a news post on it with pictures? No idea. I'll at least post about it in Odan-Urr's mailer!

Kaylesha feel free to e-mail pictures to me and I can include it! I heard about it, but didn't get one

Sent an email with pictures just now with details, too. It was a mad refreshing fit with google trying to get one, first near success got throttled cause of entering debit card info for proving you're real (cause the dang thing is 100% FREE). Second shot at selecting was Kylo or BB-8, so BB-8 it was. He's cuter. Your dossier's email is current, I hope, Ernordeth!

I read on a CNET article that you can get one at US Verizon stores if you're a Verizon customer. Pfft. I scored mine from Google themselves, and I'm not with Verizon!

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