Luna Okami's LoR Removed


Luna Okami's LoR Removed

Members of the Brotherhood -

I am pleased to announce the removal of the Letter of Reprimand from the dossier of Luna Okami, better known as Turel.

As a reminder, Letters of Reprimand can be removed only if the following criteria are met:

  • The Justicar determines that the member has been completely rehabilitated;
  • At least two years have passed; and
  • The Justicar and Grand Master agree that there is no future benefit to having a public reference of the conviction on the member's dossier.

The Covenant allows for the removal of the LoR, but that does not delete the case itself and record of the conviction from the CoJ records.

The Grand Master and I were approached by Turel to consider the removal of the LoR on his dossier. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Turel's case, the information may be found on the wiki. The requisite time has passed, making Turel eligible for the LoR removal.

Turel answered the questions that we asked of applicants for a LoR removal, and the Grand Master and I were in agreement that he fit the criteria. His conviction was one of the first of my term as Justicar, and he has grown substantially as a member since then. The conviction itself largely stemmed from Turel doing the right thing and self-reporting, and frankly it may have been questionable as to whether he should have received the LoR in the first place. Since the conviction, Turel has been a great member of the Brotherhood, serving as Consul and even serving the CoJ as the Left Hand of Justice. There is no reason to keep the LoR on his dossier at this point. I found Turel's statements to be sincere and that he is rehabilitated of any issues from years prior.

We have therefore decided to GRANT Turel's request to have his Letter of Reprimand removed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Jac Cotelin, Justicar

Congrats Turel

May not be something people want to be remembered for, Turel, but you have shown yourself to be a great example and role model for others who find themselves with a LoR. Way to keep your chin up and best of luck to you moving forward.


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