M:MAA/Praetor Applications + That SA Course!


M:MAA/Praetor Applications + That SA Course!

Brotherhood -

First, anyone interested in applying for an MAA position as Praetor or Magistrate needs to send their application to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] within the next 24 hours. Remember these positions are rolling (six months as Magistrate; one year as Praetor). Include what you see as the MAA Office's strengths and weaknesses right now (Journeyman merit medals, anyone?)

Second, take the Leadership: Rewards SA course! The unit with the highest passing ratio by the end of August will get a special MAA reward. It might not be a ship, but we're working on something cooler than congratulations...something that can hopefully be used fictionally but not in any weird power sense.

Tight deadline, much? :P

Been open since July 27th. Good work.

It's the MAA's office. I'd hope anyone working there as less than a 24 hour email turnaround. :P

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