[MAA] Competition Audit


[MAA] Competition Audit


The Master at Arms Office is running an audit of old competitions to locate those that, for whatever reason, were never judged and closed out. In situations where organizers do not judge their competitions within a month, we will step in to ask about the delay. We have done this for open competitions going back to August 2013.

If you are the organizer of a competition prior to August 2013 that has not yet been judged and closed, contact us. Otherwise I'm going to have James manually close them -- which means no crescents to participants. It is important to the MAA that no matter how many participants or crescent level, judgement occur. Dredd-style. But not really.

Get with me if there are questions. Also - thank you Mirus for my new rolling news banner!!


Actually, there was this GJW a few years back...

Show off

Competition all the things?

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