May Madness! ACC Bracket Competition!


May Madness! ACC Bracket Competition!

I speak for the Trouty, who has no voice.

"<BOW> Think March Madness, but instead of college basketball, we're predicting our own ACC tournament. <Bow>"

  • First round: 1 point per match correctly predicted
  • Second round: 2 points
  • Third round: 4 points
  • Fourth round: 8 points
  • Semi finals: 16 points
  • Finals: 32 points

(This is based on a 128-person, single-elimination bracket. The scoring will change based on the actual bracket if necessary.)

  • "Correctly predicted" means that you picked the winner. Doesn't matter how the combatant won (straight up, opponent timeout, opponent disqualification, etc.)

  • Winner is the guesser with the most points at the end of the tourney.

You can grab a copy of the bracket here: or just submit your own/manual picks for each round.

  • No restriction on picks. You can predict yourself as the winner.

  • One bracket per participant.

  • Brackets must be submitted by Sunday, May 18th, 11:59PM CST/ 12:59 EST to be counted.

Sign up here!

History will be made?

Perhaps. Some medals will be awarded, I can guarantee that :D

Link not working so can't get bracket to fill out

sent a .txt bracket submission hope it works.

hey, if anyone else is having trouble opening the file on your computer, I had to take a look at the files properties and unblock it before it would open up for me.

I just uploaded the DL to google drive and opened it using google sheets or whatever

that would have been easier and less stressfull

Thanks, Aiden. And ya, sorry about the messiness. The comp idea struck me on my way home Friday night. Wish I had thought of it before for several reasons. Oh well :D

No more boards will be accepted for placement. You can still enter, you just can't win.

Stats and updates will be posted on the forum thread,

This is an awesome idea!

Can Sarin and I do a joint entry? ;)

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