May the 4th: Star Wars Day


May the 4th: Star Wars Day

Hi all,

I wanted to open this May the 4th Star Wars day with some updates and a brief high level report, I won’t get into any vendetta details.

There are also some May the 4th Star Wars Competitions… here.

Promotion to Elder 4

I won’t get into all the reasoning, but it’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while now. Create a new Elder 4 rank, Ascendant, and promote the only person who obviously has earned it into the new rank, James.

Congratulations James, and thanks for all you have done over the years as a solid leader within this community.

Seals of Loyalty

As always, once per year on Star Wars Day I collect nominations and then we as an organization award Seals of Loyalty. I want to congratulate all who earned a Seal of Loyalty, as nominated by the leadership of the community for those who provide consistent service.

GM Staff and Projects

I wanted to just give a high level on this day of Star Wars of major projects of the coming year.. I won’t cover all the changes of the past year of which there were many. Lots of streamlining and removing outdated systems and ideas. As always the three major focus areas are, awareness, engagement, community. With different people focused in different areas.

  • Email updates are still a major project. Making them more seamless fo the site as an experience, and content updated to be more readable.

  • New member intake process improved. Working to add static content that operates more quest than competition like for members to do so joining has a uniform experience.

  • Experience process moving forward. Evaluate the current data and finalize the process by which all the Equite ranks are tied to experience.

  • Awareness drive, specifically working with a new position I created called communications tribune. It’s more looking at specifically getting people aware of the DJB. Regardless if they sign up.

I'll be reworking my staff to start this year as well to help make sure the right resources are in place that all the above can be successfully completed or on track to finish over the next year.


Awesome! So glad to see EL4 happen for James!


Congratulations, James!

Go James, and nice update!

Best James. For the record, we've been saying for months we needed another rank for this guy for all the things he does for everyone.

This is the most deserved promotion ever. Well done James, we are indebted to you for your years of service to the DJB.

Woot! Congrats James

Yay James! He has ascended above all. Congratulations!

Congrats James!!

I couldn't think of a person more deserving of this elevation than you, my friend.

Well earned, James! ^^

Could not have been awarded to a more deserving person! Congratulations James!

Congratulations James!!

Woo! Congratulations!

YES JAMES. Best decision lol.

YAY James! Good on you for waiting for him to be asleep xD

Congrats, James!

Well deserved! Congrats James!

Yes James, congratulations!

Whooooo Congrats James!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Congratulations, James!!!! And Congrats to the Seals of Loyalty recipients!!!

Can't think of a single person more deserving of this honour. Good stuff James!

Congrats James! Well deserved!

Congrats James!

Yes, James! It's so well deserved!

Congrats James! Thank you for everything you do for this club.

Congratulations mate. You're so epic we're having to create stuff to give you for what you've done for us!

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