Montresor Receives the Emerald Dagger


Montresor Receives the Emerald Dagger

Montresor Receives the Emerald Dagger - Get You Some

"Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Ambition. The simplest of creatures have this. But the distinction Napoleon makes is what one chooses to do with it. Do we aim it towards the high and noble? Or do we simply pursue the common?

Napoleon speaks further of great character. Black and white pictures flip through one's mind like a dealer shuffling cards. Hero-hero-hero-tyrant. They're all there. The good and the bad. Some wear their character like camouflage. Some wear it like armor.

Napoleon considers principles. Principles. I could name a few. We all have a Saturday Morning Cartoon understanding of them. They are fleeting things bartered away early and often in one's life. Few manage to hang on to them, fewer still to live by them.

Simply, what we do matters. Often, how we do it matters more. Let me give you an example.

Montresor, Consul, Clan Plagueis

I don't need to say a whole lot here about Monty. Everyone knows his reputation as a leader and friend. So anything I mention here won't be news to anyone.

I'll just say thank you, Monty, and congratulations on your Emerald Dagger. Not just for your service to Plagueis, but for your example to us all. I'll let the recommendations for your award do the rest.

First round's on me, partner.


Congratulations, brother.


Welcome to the ED club.. err.. you know what I mean

Congrats Monty. The position you stepped into was not an enviable one and you guided Plagueis through catastrophe to Clanning and Vendetta success. As people were jumping shift left and right, you went on a campaign of recruitment and brought back old members (One is now the Headmaster and the other is your replacement!) and improved Plag greatly.

I'm not sure that would have happened without you.

Great work.

Thank you Montresor for your guidance and leadership. You helped us survive our darkness and guided us to victory. Congratulations boss.

Second rounds on me

More than well-deserved.

Congrats, Young Monty!


Congrats Monts. <3

I don't know you, but deep and genuine congratulations. Peers to look up to, learn from, and emulate in some fashion.

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