Morax Darkblade' s Letter of Reprimand Removed


Morax Darkblade' s Letter of Reprimand Removed

Members of the Brotherhood -

I am pleased to announce the removal of Morax Darkblade's Letter of Reprimand.

As a reminder, Letters of Reprimand can be removed only if the criteria outlined in the Letter of Reprimand Removal Policy are met:

  1. The Justicar determines that the member has been completely rehabilitated;
  2. At least two years have passed; and
  3. The Justicar and Grand Master agree that there is no future benefit to having a public reference of the conviction on the member's dossier.

Keep in mind that this clause allows for the removal of the LoR only, but does not delete the case itself and record of the conviction from the CoJ records. A conviction is a conviction, and nothing in this post changes that. What this decision represents is a determination that Darkblade learned the lesson of his cheating conviction in DB 044 and that he has demonstrated a willingness to improve his conduct as a member and leader within this club.

This was Darkblade's third request for LoR removal. The previous two requests came during a period of his membership in which he developed a reputation as a "toxic" or "problem" member. Jac denied his first request and I denied his second with the caveat that the result might be different in the future if he were to continue on a path of rehabilitation and excel as a newly-minted summit member in Taldryan. Today, I am happy to report that Darkblade has earned the trust of his fellow summit members and made deliberate and, I think, sincere efforts to reform his behavior. He is not perfect but we do not demand perfection, only an acceptance of prior bad acts and demonstrated effort to improve. I am confident that Darkblade will not cheat again and genuinely wants to continue improving his behavior and reputation in this club. I hope that today will encourage him in that endeavor.

The Grand Master and I have decided to GRANT Darkblade's request to have his Letter of Reprimand removed.

Glad to see positive justice served today!


Thank you :)

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