New Appeals Panel selected


New Appeals Panel selected

After examining all of the applicants carefully, the following three have been chosen to serve on the next 9 month term as the Chamber of Justice's Appeals Panel.

Angelo Dante


Dacien "Bubba" Victae

Thank you to all the applicants, and congratulations to the new Panel!

Taigikori Aybara Justicar

Congratulations you 3

Welcome aboard.

Appeal...all the things?

/me appeals Howie?

Try not to get each other fired. Or do, it can lead to some fun in an otherwise boring term :P

it wasn't boring for me, tarax. I enjoyed the term :P then again, it wasnt me you were trying to get fired haha

Congrats to those selected, looks like a great group.

Oh god. Who let Legz--I mean, congratulations to all on their appointments.

Thanks guys, and congrats to Bubba and Dante as well. Hopefully we won't have to work together! :P

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