New Clan Proposals


New Clan Proposals

Greetings all,

Today I am pleased to announce something that the Dark Council and Consuls have been discussing for several weeks: the proposal of new Clans. We begin with a bit of the rationale, a description of the two-step process, and conclude with the initial timeline for proposing new units. In the coming weeks, we will have many other announcements regarding our structures and how we plan to make the Brotherhood a more dynamic place for our units and members.

There are times in the history of this club where new ideas from the membership have caused an influx of activity and interest. Although the Dark Council is always interested in member ideas, there are times when our current structures do not fit the ideas members have. Sometimes, these ideas take the form of a new unit, whose fictional identity and purpose offers something fresh to our club. In a time where our membership derives more and more fictional identity for their characters from a unit's fictional identity, the refusal to consider additional units can cause us to miss new opportunities for members. The opportunity for club growth and development by allowing membership to propose new units is showcased in the example of Odan-Urr.

However, the formation of new units is often contentious. Obviously, the new units require members, and it is unlikely that all of the members of a new unit would be drawn from the rogues. Thus, those interested in forming new units often have to seek out at least some members in Clans; this can cause direct or indirect conflicts within units. Moreover, members proposing ideas to us in the past have not always presented truly new ideas for the club, and we want to avoid a situation where members are drawing together a team for a proposal that has no chance of passing due to its redundancy with what we already offer. Finally, it is important that our Consuls have some voice in the process. This news post has been summarized on our updated Clan and House Policy Wiki Page.

The Two Step Process


So, our solution is a two step process. The first step we call the pre-proposal. The pre-proposal is a document worked on by a single or very small number of individuals. This pre-proposal will go to the GM and the DGM, and assuming a basic level of feasibility, the idea behind the pre-proposal will be socialized with the Star Chamber, Dark Council, and Consuls, as necessary to gauge the opinions of our wider leadership body on the value that the unit poses to the club and how it would impact our existing units.

The GM will then make a final decision on if the pre-proposal will be approved, based on feedback gathered from these leadership bodies. The two-step process here is to provide a clear indication to everyone involved at various levels of our club that the proposal has some chance of succeeding. A pre-proposal moving ahead is by no means a guarantee of success, but it does help us prevent members from wasting their time on ideas we think are already sufficiently covered by clans. Following approval, the submitter can move on to a full proposal. That is to say that the initial pre-proposal should not be widely shared and must not involve recruiting individuals to work on the project. In fact, from this point forward, authors of a pre-proposal that 'recruit' others to their cause prior to the approval of a pre-proposal will have their pre-proposal rejected. For those that have previously established groups interested in proposing Clans, we obviously are understanding that this process is new.

A pre-proposal should:

  • Propose a name for the unit.
  • Be written by a single individual, who will be considered as the leader of the proposal and the likely Consul. Contact the GM if you are working on a proposal but do not intend to lead the unit in question. Extremely small groups (e.g. no more than 3) will not be outright rejected, but any additional 'recruitment' of a team will cause the proposal to be rejected from here on out.
  • Describe the unique fictional aspect of the unit proposal, and how it fills an existing gap in our current unit offerings. It is not designed to explain a detailed, fictional background, but the uniqueness of the unit. It is not meant to discuss fictional assets, provide any information on future members, leaders, or organizational plans save for where they illustrate the uniqueness of the unit.
  • Be no more than a page and a half, depending on formatting, in a word document (~500ish words max plus formatting and the like).

Full Proposals

Once approved, pre-proposals can and should be circulated widely. They can be discussed over Discourse, and although we strongly discourage direct recruitment, members may make posts and discuss them as needed. The proposer can now gather a team to work on the full proposal. Full proposals will provide a comprehensive outline for how the unit will function in our Brotherhood for the future. Part of the full proposal is a list of individuals interested in joining the proposed Clan. Any clanned members must talk to their unit leadership about their plans.

Full proposals must provide:

  • A description of what the unit brings that is unique to the Brotherhood, and addressing any concerns laid out in the approval of said pre-proposal.
  • The fictional background of the unit, including how it is related to the rest of the club, initial fictional assets (systems and any major personnel as well as fictional structures named, but not necessarily defined in complete detail), and how the proposed members are related to those structures (as an example, CSP as its own Empire with a Consul-Emperor). The full proposal must follow what was in the pre-proposal.
  • Relevant paths that fit the unit.
  • Initial leadership team, sub-units (Battleteams), and proposals for how the unit will cultivate future leaders within-Clan.
  • The set of members that will be joining the unit, with at minimum 20 individuals, which should not appear to be drawn too heavily from any existing unit and whose membership should make clear that this is drawing on an unfilled niche. Proposed members will be transferred to the new unit if it is approved. Members currently clanned will need to talk to their summits about their decision to support a proposal.
  • Detailed plans for events / major competitions for the first year of the unit.

Full proposals will once again be socialized with relevant leadership bodies. Proposals will be evaluated based on the unique contributions the unit makes to the Brotherhood, the proposing leadership team and membership body, and the overall plan for the unit in its first year. The Grand Master will make a final decision on the full proposal, which could include a request to resubmit the proposal based on feedback.


We will not review any pre-proposals until the end of March (3/31). Any pre-proposals received prior to April will be reviewed simultaneously, and any feedback/approvals will be distributed to proposers at the same time. However, after this date, we will have rolling submissions of pre-proposals such that members may submit their ideas at their convenience, at which point we will review the pre-proposals as they come in. Full proposals will be expected two weeks after an accepted pre-proposal. The decision to have an initial review period is based on the fact there are some groups that may already have been working towards a proposal, while others simply have very rough ideas.

In addition, we suspect that full proposals for new units will be relatively rare. Our Clan offerings are currently quite diverse, and we suspect that in many cases, ideas could be better integrated into an existing Clan. But we can't rule out the possibility that the creative endeavors of our members, particularly as our fictional universe continues to expand, will be best advanced with new units as well.

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Grand Master

Love the transparency.

This is a little concerning..without wanting to point fingers I'm not sure that we have the numbers to even get CLOSE to opening new clans, especially with the loss of Tarentum still fairly recent.

So I appreciate the transparency, but if the Dark Council wanted another clean, why did they close Tarentum? If it was a numbers thing, I feel like this is a major backstep.

Tarentum closing was unfortunately not a number of members thing. There were many other things wrong with the clan.

I can see both sides of this. On the one side you have rogue members who don't feel they are represented anywhere and where fairly rigid structures of leadership do not allow for personal grandeur that may have once been allowed (pre-possessions, where owning stuff was as simple as "I want this personal ship"). Those people would want to propose new ideas for Clans that would allow them to be among like minded people.

On the other side I can see that leadership teams are fighting for active members, minus COU, which seems to have a steady influx of high participatory members. Other Clans and Houses do not. Some Clans are getting fairly low when it comes to the lower threshold of maintaining enough active members for House status within those Clans.

Admittedly, the DJB offers a lot of storyline capability for members. I think there are members who want to move back to some of the old way of doing things, where we took a combination of canon and our own stuff injected into the SW canon and made it ours, such as the Shroud, Antei, the three orders people (Tiamat, and the others), the origins of the term "Darth", etc. Yeah, it needed some rework a lot of the time, but I think a lot of what we do isn't controlled by ourselves but an ever evolving canon. It's difficult to move past that.

Thanks for the thoughts, all. This is not meant to suggest we are looking to add X or Y number of units. Instead, this policy addresses the persistent member questions we have faced over the years of how to propose a new unit. The two step process actually allows us to evaluate the proposal and see if it might fit better in an existing unit anyway before anyone invests too much time and energy into the idea.

I’ve been a proponent of this for a long time. Glad to see the process updated and codified.

As a member who has been around for a good while and has watched much happen from the sidelines, I think this a great idea, but it would have to be managed carefully. If this is attained, the addition of new clans and new ideas would help us greatly, new things will always see opposition, the status quo is comfortable, but we have to move forward and be prepared to change to make this happen. I wish the DC the best of luck with this idea.

It's not polite to speak ill of the dead

I like the idea of a new clan, however I don't see how the numbers are there. So many houses and battle teams have been shutting down recently due to poor numbers -- and then there is of course Tarentum. Are we hoping to attract new members with this new clan? Or is division being caused among clans? I can see that in certain places, but I'm not sure if its all the way across the board here. Appreciate your transparency.

I'm interested to see what comes out of this.

What I like is that it opens the doors to a conversation on the creation of a potential clan. The vetting process ensures a quality product, the solicitation phase allows to gauge interest.

it's a really good way to find out if there's potential for new and interesting clan ideas that could potentially engage more members and attract new memberships.

Nice to see this..!

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