New Councillor of Urr!!!


New Councillor of Urr!!!

On behalf of the Council of Urr, I am honored to announce that we have voted with no dissent to invite Len Iode into our ranks. Len has been with us since 2015, and has spent the vast majority of that in service to the clan in one thankless summit position or another. As someone who joined COU just a week or two before him, I can say there was no point where I couldn't rely on Len in some capacity or another. He's served as a BTL, an AED, and for the past year as our RM. All he's ever asked for is the chance to do his part to make COU a better place. And he's done that, in times of calm and in times where his offline life consisted mostly of sleep deprivation, commuting, and stress. Let no one call him a fairweather friend, and let no one doubt his commitment to the ideals that serve as the foundation of the clan.

We ask that prospective title holders act as leaders, model members, and a positive influence on new members. For all of these reasons, by the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, let Len Iode henceforth be known as a Councilor of Urr.

Councilor of Urr and Consul Emeritus

In addition to the above, I want to just say thank you to Len for everything he has done for Odan-Urr and the DB over the years. He's been a steady rock for the Clan and a good friend to his fellow Odanites. Great work buddy. This Clan wouldn't be the same without you. :)

Sushi is on you!

Aura Ta’var
CON, Odan-Urr

Congratulations, Len!

I love seeing solid activity receiving a solid reward. Good work Len!

Congrats, Len!

Well done, Len!

You've always lived the COU values Len, congrats!

Thank you guys! I will do my best to continue to live up the title!


Congrats Len!

Glad to see a fellow Chiss in the leadership

Congratulations Len! This was very well earned!

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