New Course: A Primer on Member Conduct


New Course: A Primer on Member Conduct

Howdy all!

Before he stepped down, Jac and I had planned a huge revamp of the CoJ courses offered in the Shadow Academy. JST because he is no longer Justicar, though, doesn't mean his successor Bubba let this fall through the cracks. I'm pleased to announce the release of the first course in this new sequence, Chamber of Justice 101: A Primer on Member Conduct. It is live and ready for you to learn how to not get CoJ'ed now.


This is an excellent idea and I'm glad to see it coming to life. Well done, all.

Awesome! We could definitely use more of these on these kinds of subjects.

I like the sound of this. Let's keep the youngins and oldins on the staright and narrow. :3

Always good to see the Academy growing and adapting!

Pfft. Nice pun.

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