New Docent, Professor Applications CLOSED


New Docent, Professor Applications CLOSED

Bumping down Muz's report to announce that a brand new Docent has been appointed (more important than MAA, amirite?)! The Jolly Green Dark Prophet, Halc, will be helping Xantros score submissions to the brand new Leadership Proposals course. I also want to note that the Proposals course can be completed as a group. Just be sure to follow the instructions in the course notes and on the exam itself. We're all looking forward to seeing some excellent submissions!

On a related note, I am still accepting applications for Professor of the Department of Communications.

  • Rank of Jedi Hunter
  • 24 hour grading turnaround
  • Have passed both IRC Basics and IRC 301: Operator Studies with at least 90%
  • Be willing to revise existing courses and develop new courses for the Department
    • This is critical: several new communications courses are currently at varying stages of completion. You will have a good deal of discretion in preparing the courses and will be rewarded appropriately for the work done.

When you apply, discuss your ideas for new communications-related courses and offer whatever suggestions you may have for improving the current courses.

I'm extending the application deadline for one further week: Applications are due to me and Ood no later than 11:59pm EDT Saturday, July 26. Please take some to prepare a good, thoughtful application.

EDIT: I've found a Professor! See my new post. :p

That's a good Green Man!

Everyone in TAL aces this exam with 100%
The Bias proclaimeth it so

Apart from yourself, thus said bias invalid. :P

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