New Gaming Course: Diablo III


New Gaming Course: Diablo III

The amount of games the Brotherhood supports is ever expanding, and while we try to keep up with the workload, sometimes the sheer amount of work leaves us catching our breath. This is why, when Aexod Burgoo offered to create a Diablo III course, we eagerly accepted.

The new course has just gone live under the Gaming Department and is graded by our esteemed Grand Master dbb0t.

Aside from a big thank you from all involved, I would like to especially thank Aexod for putting together such a great course. Thank you Aexod!

Done! Great job guys!

waves hand There was no small error in the exam questions...

There was no small error in the exam questions.

Excellent work Aexod! Completed and passed with a few new things learned!

Pretty pictures :P

Great Course Fun to take

Done! Nice course ^^ Gj Aexod!

Great course!

Nice course!

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