New MAA Staff


New MAA Staff

Brotherhood -

I'm happy to announce my inaugural MAA staff has been selected. Congratulations to Praetor Evant, Magistrates Teylas and Rial, and Special Magistrate Howlader.

There were a lot of impressive applications. I say this because I truly hope many of you apply again in six months. This is why I'm excited about a rotating system - it allows more great members the chance to take part. I'm keeping an eye on several.

Meanwhile, I want to extend huge thanks to Malik for serving alongside Evant and I over the past eight months. Discussions were always productive, never personal, and he without question has a strong understanding of the MAA system I'm sure he will spread amongst his Naga Sadow kin.

Howlader has agreed to join in a specific position for the next six months where he will be tackling tasks like vendetta titles, perspective on high-level awards/promotions, and policy updates. He will not, however, be approving things day-to-day. That's the Magistrates' job. If something that does not require discussion (i.e. promotions above DJK and sacramental awards) is waiting longer than 24 hours, bug Evant and I. For things that do require discussion, we love seeing Google Docs ahead of time so the actual approval process can be fast.

Overall, I'm super excited about what the next six months holds. Everyone agrees there are flaws in the current MAA system, many of which I see as datedness. Evant and I have several ideas in the works to update/overhaul things. Hopefully many of these will reach fruition soon, so stay tuned!

Oh, and take the Leadership: Rewards SA course.

Congrats Evant, Teylas, Rial, and Howie!

Why thank you Erno.

Congratulations guys.

Congrats :(

Congrats to all... especially my apprentice, Rial... :)

Congrats all. I'd also like to thank Mal for all his work. He was by far the most active staffer and it's too bad he doesn't have a place here. Good luck all.

Grats to all the new appointees, and definitely thank you to Malik for your service. You new guys have some massive shoes to fill.

Big shoes indeed. Another thank you to Malik for all the hard work.

So the whole issue with "revolving staff" was completely ignored and we went this route anyways? Cool...

Voiced concerns were not ignored, but I didn't put the staffing matter to a vote in the first place. I've heard arguments from both sides, so we'll see how things go from here. I also read the discussion as thinking rotation good for Magistrates but not Praetor, which is a fine opinion and gives me a year to consider.

Congratulations, guys :)

Definitely will miss Malik as well on the MAA staff, always appreciated his great insight and work ethic. Thanks for everything and will certainly see you around.

Aabs, maybe make a Gdrive folder for reccs and if they want feedback from the start, to ask you to make them a file to work on the recc in?

Thanks for your work malik! Howie, nice! Evant/Rial/Teylas, good luck!

Congrats to all!

Appreciate everyone who served the club through MAA and all those who continue to do so.

Looking forward to the changes. Thanks, Aabs.

Congrats, guys! And thank you, Malik, for stepping up as an MAA staffer to help write the Leadership Rewards course that everyone should take </shamelessplug>

Yes. Howie is very special.

I would also like to thank Malik for his outstanding work. I'm surprised to see he did not find a place on the staff also.

Wait, I can't just poke Malik when I want something approved..? I don't get it :/

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