New P:HM Selected


New P:HM Selected

I received some excellent applications for Praetor to the Headmaster and I spent much of yesterday agonizing over who I should pick - I knew whoever I picked would serve well, but I still had to make a choice. My choice, based on his excellent and detailed application, is Laren Uscot. Please joy me in welcoming him to the team!


Gratz Laren!

Congrats Laren!

Grats Laren! Good luck!

Nice! Congrats, Laren!!

Well done, Laren!

Congrats, Laren!

Thanks, everyone. Means a lot.

I'm excited to get to work. I know that I have some huuuuuge shoes to fill, so I am going to give it my all.

I thought I escaped working under you, in all seriousness, congrats blue boy.

Well done

Congratulations Laren! i know you will be perfect! :)

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