New Society Leader: Exarch


New Society Leader: Exarch

Hello all,

After some consideration, I think it's time to take the next steps towards having roleplaying officially recognized as an activity in the Brotherhood. It has demonstrated interest among the members of our community already, as well as many potential members of the Star Wars fan community.

I weighed various ways to move forward on it and after considering all of them I have decided that creating a new Society Leader role for official recognition and accountability is the right next step. With my hope that by doing so, the roleplaying experience can be made available, engaging, and enjoyable for all members.

For those who have been following the effort, and contributing to various plans, you are all well aware of Alethia Archenksova's documentation and contributions already. I've offered him the opportunity to take on this role and he has accepted. I will work closely with Archenksova in the coming months and provide as much support as possible as Grand Master to move towards a fully recognized roleplaying society for all members, and building the framework of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to support it and build it out.


Still think it should have been called "Rolemaster".

Congrats Arch! Very excited to see this get off the ground and going.

Woohoo! Role them plays!

Woo! Really happy to hear, congrats to the new Exarch!


Clusters of Dice, here we come!

Congrats Arch the Exarch.

Congratulations, Arch! This is really cool to see!

That is a welcome change then.

Congratulations on your new role Archenksov, I look forward to seeing what comes from this.

Congratulations! I have dice ready and waiting.

Congratulations Arch!

Congratulations Arch! This will be a very welcome addition to the club

I look forward to seeing your next report come "ex Arch".

Hit me up if you wanna torture some players I mean co-DM mwahaha-- ahem.

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