New Summit Organisation, New Opportunities and Eli on Holiday


New Summit Organisation, New Opportunities and Eli on Holiday

Hi all,

I'm very pleased two announce two new appointments to the clan summit. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate Mune on his appointment to Proconsul. Mune has been excellent in the role of Rollmaster, and has been contributing beyond the typical responsibilities of this position for quite some time already, so this is a natural shift for him.

To fill the empty Rollmaster spot, Alara will be moving across. To recap, the Rollmaster position is largely a support position in the clan summit, primarily assisting new members and also helping with clan projects. We both feel that this position will play more directly into Alara's skills in project work demonstrated during her tenure as Excidium QUA.

This means that the position of QUA of Excidium is open to applications! Please send all applications to me, Mune and Alara, detailing why you think you would be a good fit for the position and what your plans are for Excidium. Applications due on the 14th of December (for reasons in next paragraph).

I'll be making a trip to South Korea on the 3rd of December, returning on the 14th and will have very limited internet access during that time. I trust Mune's ability to not let the clan burn down during that time!


Congrats to Mune and Alara! Always good to see awesome leaders hard at work.

Congratulations, both of you!

Congratulations to both of you!

sets the Clan on fire

Congrats all! Excited to see where CSP goes from here!

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