New Voice Competition: Create-an-NPC!


New Voice Competition: Create-an-NPC!

Greetings all!

The Voice is in need of a few good men and women for a special project. While we just filled some spots on our staff, we're looking now to fill some spots in fiction.

What do I mean by that? Well, DB members will always have cameos in official fiction, but a few of us think it would be awfully nice if we had some NPCs around for members to include in their own writings. What we want are NPCs with character sheets, developed back stories, good descriptions, and even Wiki pages, that will grow and develop fictionally the same way our characters do.

To that end, the Voice and I are commissioning a new competition: Create-an-NPC!

How's this going to work?

Simple. Think up a character! Feel free to be creative here, but you can also use some basic archetype ideas. For instance, we're looking for characters that might fall into the role of a covert operative, an investigator, a researcher, a tech specialist/slicer, or some kind of seer/mystic. But we're also open to innovation!

Do you want to know more? Think you've got a great idea?

If so, head over to the competition page and check it out!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

If we want to do multiple characters, can we? how do you want these submitted? All in the same document? Or on a google drive or something?

You can subscribe and then submit a document with multiple npcs or put it on a google doc and attach the link. If we can access it, it will count. :p

Taking a picture of an NPC dossier written in mud and sending it now.

lol Aiden. i sent in my NPC

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