Not a report: May the 4th, SWTOR and Deviants?


Not a report: May the 4th, SWTOR and Deviants?

A bunch of things I thought I should cover leading up to the end of the month, but I didn't want to call this a report (two reports in one month? That's not a precedent I want to set; Muz would start expecting it...)

May the 4th Banner

Sports teams embrace May the 4th (possibly prematurely?)

On Saturday night, the Tampa Bay Storm will be celebrating Star Wars when they take on the Portland Thunder. Tickets to the game come with Limited Edition Star Wars hats and entry into a draw to win 4 tickets to Disney's Star Wars Weekend. The 501st Legion will be there too, so make sure you get photos with/of them if you're there. 2014 Star Wars Night With The Tampa Bay Storm

The following day, on Sunday, the Charlotte Stone Crabs will be hosting Star Wars Day Festivities at the Charlotte Sports Park. This will include photo ops with "you favourite Star Wars characters", themes promotions, video board games(?) and music. Star Wars Day With The Charlotte Stone Crabs

The Old Republic is down with May the 4th

SWTOR May 4th from

Of course it wouldn't be a celebration of Star Wars around the 4th of May without some attention from The Old Republic.

Starting May 2nd through to May 5th, players will get double XP. Active accounts will receive a free mini-pet (is that R2-D2's head?!) starting April 29, and you last chance to get him is by having an active account by May 4th. This minipet (a droid names MT-4T) will be delivered by in game mail and he is usable in PVP zones and operations! The Old Republic celebrates 'Star Wars Day' with free Droid, double XP

Don't forget the DB!

As mentioned by Socks and Sarin, there will be some very quick events on May the 4th. As has been said, these will be QUICK so make sure you're watching the site.

Or... you know... follow us on Twitter to be notified when there is a news post about the events...

Also, now is your last chance to reply to this news post and potentially see yourself as part of a special project. I'll be choosing the quotes I'll be using in about 12 hours, so get in quick!

Are you a Deviant?

Please remember, if you're an artist or writer, that you can upload your work to deviantART and we can display it on the deviantART group page.

Go ahead and upload your work and then poke Socks, the Herald team, or I to get your work posted up on the group page.

You'd be surprised how much it helps, and how much traffics this site actually gets from deviantART (hint: it's a lot).

Follow the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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Google images took me to the deviantart and i followed the bread crumbs to this site.

Google images took me to the deviantart and i followed the bread crumbs to this site.

Awesome to hear that! Do you happen to remember if this was before or after Orv added this little beauty to the page:

Yeah. Im pretty sure that was the icing on the cake that made me join actually :P

It was announced as well that Star wars Rebels will have it's first trailer on the 4th.

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