Now hiring, P:HM


Now hiring, P:HM

Hello all!

Shout out to everyone who took part, and placed, in GJW XIII! It was incredibly well fought and, on my end at least, there were a lot of quality submissions making choosing winners difficult.

Unfortunately for me, my right-hand being had to step down due to serious RL issues. Marcus was an incredible help to the Shadow Academy. When I had a death in my immediate family last year, he was there to run the day to day operations. His opinion also heavily influenced my choices for Magistrate, and he has been the go-to guy on running our massive audit these past few months. He has left some big shoes to fill, but I know we have some exceptional members out there willing to fill them. That being said, I am taking applications for Praetor. Requirements are as follows:

  • Leadership Experience - This needs to be DJB related experience. You will be tasked with directing Magistrates in large scale projects.
  • Ability to play well with others - You will be part of the Dark Summit. This means you will be interacting with all DCers, CON's, PCON's, and other Praetors. Voicing your opinion is great, but tearing someone down will not be tolerated. You are also an ambassador of the Shadow Academy, and the Headmaster.
  • Quick email and Telegram turnaround times.
  • Ability to think independently. I don't need or want a yes-person.

In your application feel free to go over any potential changes to the SA including courses. Competition ideas, and how we can utilize the SAS are a great thing to go over as well. Lastly, if you have any issues with the SA you would like to see changed, list them. I won't say if they will be used, but it allows me to see how well you can think independently.

All applications must be sent to me via email only before site reset on September 29th. If you have any questions shoot me an email, or poke me via Telegram!

hope you have good luck Marcus.

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