Now taking M:HM Apps.


Now taking M:HM Apps.

Hello all,

As the title states, we are looking to hire two new Magistrates. I want to take the time to thank both Scudi (Kelly) and Bentre both for their service to the Shadow Academy. This is reflected in both of their promotions to EQ4.

Both Marcus and myself have been discussing how we want Magistrates to function overall in the coming year that we are looking to have them stay on. The details and requirements are below. I do want to stress that as Magistrate you will be tasked with some pretty heavy work. There are several courses that will be rewritten as well as a few new ones that you will be a major part of. I ask that you look into being on the team for 12 months and if you can make that time investment.

Job Description:

For a while Magistrates in the SA were restricted to project work, assisting professors with their edits, and general busy work like covering other people’s courses, and of course grading those courses that fall outside the 24 hour deadline. We’re going to change that. Yes, this will all still be a part of the Magistrates repertoire, but we are pulling some work away from Professors and even from the Praetor, to give to the Magistrates. This comes at a small cost though: We are also beefing the requirements for becoming a magistrate. More on that below.

The magistrate position is a run-and-stop position. One moment you’re comfortably sitting in your hoverchair, flicking through a holocron, the next moment the Headmaster busts in, yells something about a new course, and disappears in a burst of smoke. So what do you do, you head to the Praetor and they explain that they need three new courses because the new movie came out and it’s now up to you to go ahead and write those. You have a week.

Okay that’s mildly overstating it. Sera doesn’t disappear in clouds of smoke. He shimmers out of existence. A week is a little short but overall that is the kind of flow you can expect.

If you are interested in a Magistrate position, please email your applications to both [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Failure to comply with this directive gets your application binned. Applications will run for two weeks.

Job duties:

  • Course rewrites. Courses need to be updated periodically due to new content coming out, mistakes being found, new policies or names implemented, or just a general thorough cleaning. This means that depending on the change you’ll be in charge of one or several courses and will be tasked through the Drive and the SA backend with updating those courses. This was previously a professor duty and has now fallen to the Magistrates.
  • Fact checking. Courses, while being proofed several times, will always continue to hold faults or mistakes. Where our members don’t catch it, you will.
  • Projects: This term will possibly feature a new department, a couple of reshuffles, and most likely new courses or changed courses with the release of Star Wars 9. Oh, another audit (sorry!) and wiki work can be expected as well.
  • Overflow. Any course outside of the deadline (which currently sits at 24 hours) needs to be graded. You’ll be a part of that too.
  • Keep the SA Drive up to date. We use google drive as a sort of off-site working area, but this needs to be kept up to date. This is a shared duty, but an important one nonetheless.
  • Anything and everything that Sera and I come up with. insert evil laugh

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum rank of JM4.
  • Minimum SA rank of 7 (Graduate)
  • Ability to maintain an extremely high level of communication with me, the rest of the SA team, and everyone else that contacts us; that means a sub-12 hour email turnaround time and Telegram access is a hard requirement.
  • Ability to serve as a solid proofreader and editor.
  • Markdown 101 and 102, as well as Wiki Basics and Wiki Editing at 100% score.
  • Excellent proofing and English writing skills. Your work will be read by the entire Brotherhood.
  • Not currently serving in any other Magistrate position, nor any position higher than Quaestor.
  • Be a team player that will not resort to drama of any kind.

Applications are due no later than server reset on February 14th.

It's been a blast working under Farrin and then Sera, it's a really different area of service that I'd recommend to anyone who asked.

It's been fun working for the Headmaster. Best of luck to applicants, and thanks for letting me serve!

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