Odan-Urr Consul Applications


Odan-Urr Consul Applications

Greetings all,

For those who aren't aware, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var (Blade) is stepping down as Consul of Odan-Urr. She has been leading the Clan for over two years now and was the Proconsul for a little over a year prior. She has been a leader in the only light side unit in the Brotherhood through multiple vendettas and shaping the experience for all those in her Clan. I want to thank her for all she's done, and all the conversations we've had together about making this community a better place, and look forward to seeing what she can accomplish with her new free time.

With this in mind, we will soon be in need of a new Consul of Odan-Urr, and with that, I am opening applications with this post. If you are interested in applying, send an application to the DGM and me by May 7th in a week.

There is no minimum rank to apply, but as noted before in several other Consul openings leadership within a Clan at some level is incredibly helpful to prepare someone to be the leader of the entire Clan making decisions and setting policy that impacts how it operates. Keeping in mind the light side nature of the unit, I am curious applicant's thoughts on what type of experience members of Odan-Urr are getting and how we can better support that experience with the story and everything going on in the community. As well as an understanding of the Clan and its history and tell me what type of leader you would be if hired as the Consul.

With a Vendetta fast coming we are hoping to make a decision quickly after the applications close. If anyone is interested but has questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Dacien or me on Telegram or over email and we will be happy to discuss.

Evant / Darth Nehalem

Excellent! #Move4Powah :P

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