Odan-Urr Quaestor Openings!!


Odan-Urr Quaestor Openings!!

Hey all,

We are excited to announce we are currently taking applications for the position of Quaestor!

As we have previously announced, we will be closing House Sunrider. However, we are opening two shiny new Houses and require a couple of able bodies to run them. These houses, the Guardian Corps and the Consular Conclave will be the main body of Odan-Urr's forces. Working together to bring peace and justice to the galaxy, the Guardians will be our main military arm while the Consulars will combine support and intelligence roles with diplomacy and archeological expeditions. You can read more about that in the most recent Clan Report.

Primary Duties Include:

  • Develop a House Storyline and run House events

  • Fictional World Building

  • Maintain day to day activity within the House

  • Aid in Summit daily tasks

Secondary Duties:

  • New member orientation within the House

  • Maintain House Wiki pages

  • Help run Clan Events

  • Temporarily filling in vacancies

This presents a great opportunity to make history in Odan-Urr. Some prior leadership or RL equivalent is preferred. What we're looking for is an active member with positive energy, ambition, and the drive to propel the Clan to greater heights.

If you're interested in applying or have questions about it, please reach out to me and Turel on email, Telegram, or Discord. All applications must be in a pdf, cover the above duties and any plans you have for the position.

Have your applications in no later than 08/31/2021.

Very exciting stuff, looking forward to seeing who takes the spots!

I offer myself as the foil for these new houses :-)

Do the thing, kids

Exciting times. Can't wait to see how this all pans out!!

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