Passing the Voice Torch


Passing the Voice Torch

Greetings all,

Over the last three years, Marick “Wally” Tyris has overseen the Brotherhood’s fictional systems and been one of the primary drivers of fictional development in the club as our Voice. His impacts have been many, from expansion of our character sheet systems, to helping run multiple Vendettas, to helping to develop two Factions that greatly expand our Brotherhood world. Since he was awarded a Diamond Sword in March, Wally has not stopped, running competitions to flush out the Principate and helping to write the Great Jedi War plot, including all the major fictional updates for the event. For these reasons, and his exceptional service as a Dark Councilor during the last 7 months, we are pleased to award him a Ruby Scepter. Wally is now one of only 9 members that has two Ruby Scepters. Congratulations, Wally!

But every Councilor must pass the torch eventually, and so today marks that day for Wally. We received excellent applications for his successor. One applicant, though, had the temperament and experience we feel is necessary to succeed in such a difficult position: Idris “Xen” Adenn. Xen was once our longest serving Consul in Scholae Palatinae, and has served on the staff of numerous Dark Councilors. We are excited to see Xen in his new role, and we expect he will introduce himself, and his plans, to all of you soon.

Please join me in thanking Wally for his excellent service, and in congratulating Xen on his new position!

Telaris “Mav” Cantor

Grand Master

Thank you Wally for all you've done on staff and as a friend. Gonna miss having you around to bounce ideas.

That said, big shoes for Xen to try to fill. I'd recommend making your own, it's a less insurmountable ask! You'll do well.

Congratulations, Wally <3 and Woo, Xen!!!!



Congrats, both of you! It's been a pleasure to work with you, Wally. Enjoy some time off.

There once was a man from Wallyville, Whose prose could bring hearts to a standstill. As much as we wail, Walt had to bail, So now it is time for the Xen quill!


The future is bright!

Only 77 RS ever awarded in our Club. Only 9 folks with two, Congrats Wally! Double pimp!


Congrats Xen! You will do the club proud as Voice!

well deserved, Wally! Good luck to Xen in his new functions!! Drinks are on you!! ^.^

Job well done, Wally.

Congrats and welcome to the DC, Xen!!

Wally, the work you have done as.Voice over these last 3 years has truly been amazing. You will be most missed. Thank you for your hard work. Your efforts have more than paid off

Xen, congratulations on your new position. I truly wish you luck. We are all standing behind you.

A most excellent choice for Voice - looking forward to working with you, Xen!

Wally, have a nap. ZEN FIRE ZEE MISSILES!

Respect where respect is due, Wally you spent nearly a decade tirelessly working for the members of this club, starting with Arcona and rising to leave an influential mark on the Antei Combat Center, on the office of voice and on many of your friends around the DB directly. Now you shed a heavy mantle and turn to brighter horizons. Best of luck in all your future undertakings.

To Idris, my man, my brother, you've been dreaming of this a long time. The big leagues. Don't screw the pooch.

Proud of ya.

Ty Wally for your work. Welcome Idris to the Voice.....The coaches ain't turning around for you on this one though

Congratulations, Xen! Looking forward to all that you have in store :D

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