PCON Applications: Clan Plagueis


PCON Applications: Clan Plagueis

Hello Everyone -

While I work on my first third term Consul report/graduate from college, here's a quick announcement that the position of Proconsul for Clan Plagueis is open to DJB-wide applications. I'm looking for the standard information - leadership experience (at the house level or above, ideally, but don't disqualify yourself), ideas moving forward, how you like to work as a leader (micromanage, delegate, so on). You need not have experience in Clan Plagueis or even at the clan level at all. I think it is recognized by all that Plagueis is in a unique situation - an underdog house recently arisen to clan status filled with eager members and leaders. We're excited about the prospect of bringing outside opinion and influence into our family.

As such, most importantly, I am immensely interested in how non-Plag people see Clan Plagueis. Please include a nice chunk about your external perception of Plagueis. Our strengths, weaknesses, ways to improve. A mini-SWOT review, more or less. Feel free to include a few references, but I'm going to judge things based on what you write, not others.

I intend to pick a PCON during the first week of June, so please send applications to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by June 3rd. Questions can also be sent to me.

Thank you!



Choo-choo-choooose him. Please :P

Tarax I choose you!


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